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A deficit is the amount by which a sum falls short of some reference amount. In economics, a deficit is an excess of expenditures over revenue in a given time period; in more specific cases it may refer to: Balance of payments deficit, when the balance ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Deficit \Def"i*cit\, n. [Lit., it is wanting, 3d person pres. indic. of L. deficere, cf. F. d['e]ficit. See Defect .] Deficiency in amount or quality; a falling short; lack; as, a deficit in taxes, revenue, etc. --Addison.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1782, from French déficit (late 17c.), from Latin deficit "it is wanting," an introductory word in clauses of inventory, third person singular present indicative of deficere "to be deficient" (see deficient ).

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required [syn: shortage , shortfall ] an excess of liabilities over assets (usually over a certain period)

Usage examples of deficit.

It was not until the work of Paul Broca in France, David Ferrier in England and other later nineteenth-century pioneers that it became clear that at least some aspects of brain function could be localized, in the sense that damage to them results in more or less specific functional deficits, from motor paralysis to loss of speech.

Le Chiffre plans, we believe, to follow the example of most other desperate till-robbers and make good the deficit in his accounts by gambling.

I had no committeeman, no parish to name, and was primly disdainful whenever someone suggested that I take steps selling tickets, for example, to a fund-raiser--to overcome these deficits.

According to a confidential file which Nim had read, Commissioner Reid was once an ardent believer in Keynesian economics, but had recanted, now accepting that the deficit spending doctrines of John Maynard Keynes had led to economic disaster worldwide.

According to traditional Keynesian economic theory, governments should run deficits in bad economic times and balanced budgets or surpluses in good times.

But the Keynesian medicine is forbidden by the rules of the Maastricht Treaty, which is to lead to European economic union and which, for the sake of German confidence, prohibits new deficit spending.

Lateral Alice has queer eccentric pockets of intransigence and Ludditism, due possibly to her helicopter-crash and neurologic deficits.

Experiments showing that the effects of protein synthesis inhibitors on memory could be mimicked by injecting large quantities of some of their constituent amino acids were made by one of my earliest graduate students, John Hambley, on his return to Australia: Hambley, J, and Rogers, L J Some neurochemical correlates of permanent learning deficits associated with intracerebral injections of amino acids in young chick brain.

Auldbiggin and Plainstanes are ties at present, so your majority at Ladykirk should be large, to cover up our deficit.

Most private businesses, faced with such chronic deficits, would either reorganize or go bankrupt.

For instance, by asking patients first to repeat back immediately a short sequence of digits, then to remember a list of items presented a few minutes previously, and finally to describe some past experience, such as what they did last summer, it is possible to identify different classes of deficits in memory mechanisms, often associated with ageing- and in particular with specific diseases of ageing.

However, there are many types of damage to specific brain regions in which much more specific memory deficits occur.

One way neurologists have traditionally studied specialization of brain function is to observe the deficits that result from various lesions.

The drug most commonly prescribed for children with attention deficit disorders is Ritalin, which is also prescribed for adults suffering from narcolepsy.

Jaguar Addams had been working for him for three years, but it was almost nine years since she had shown up in his office, very young, with no experience, but enough ego to balance out the deficit.