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Answer for the clue "What retired teller did in Parisian milieu? ", 9 letters:
left bank

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Left Bank is a 2008 Belgian horror thriller directed by Pieter Van Hees , starring an ensemble cast of Flemish actors.

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n. (of a river) the bank to the left when facing downstream

Usage examples of left bank.

It was half-past seven when we were through, and we all got in, and sculled up close to the left bank, looking out for a spot to haul up in.

At once some of the brave Frenchmen rushed into the water and caught the three aeronauts in their arms just as the Victoria fell at the distance of a few fathoms from the left bank of the Senegal.

Day was breaking when the kibitka reached the left bank, where one of the wide alleys of the park ended.

To prevent a rush being made into the town the construction of a stockade was to be commenced at daylight at the end of the street on the left bank.

The attack on these two points was to be conducted in earnest, and at the same time a feigned attempt at crossing the Angara from the left bank was to be made.

John can see as he lies there on a still summer day, with the fishes and the birds for company, the road that comes down the left bank of the river,--a hot, sandy, well-traveled road, hidden from view here and there by trees and bushes.

Two wooden draw-bridges, built on piles, connected the town with its suburbs on the left bank.

Line 4 proceeds on the left bank of the Saale for about two miles.

He gave himself out as an inhabitant of Krasnoiarsk, who had not been able to get to Irkutsk before the Emir's troops arrived on the left bank of the Dinka, and he added that, very probably, the bulk of the Tartar forces had taken up a position before the Siberian capital.

There, the enemy troops could advance along the dry land which had once been the left bank of the Euphrates.

Squinting fiercely, as if by sheer forth of will he could peer into the great pavilion which the Malwa had erected on the left bank of the Euphrates, well over a mile away.

Nor did he, but, putting his horse into a steady gallop, he took the road towards the left bank of the Obi, which was still forty versts distant.

Although Wilson succeeded in persuading France to concede its key demand--that the left bank of the Rhine be severed from Germany and put under French military control--the treaty dictated humiliating, economically devastating terms.

But only part way north from Swabia, along the left bank of the Rhine toward Mainz.

John Wayne clambers up onto the left bank and Jackie Woo onto the right, so that the high ground on either side will be guarded, or at least reconnoitered.