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Answer for the clue "What some shy writers use, wanting pounds without celebrity ", 9 letters:
pen names

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n. (pen name English)

Usage examples of pen names.

I did become an editor about ten years later -- with four magazines under my various pen names.

As you know if you have read the afterwords in The Funhouse and The Key to Midnight, I like to amuse myself by revealing the tragic deaths of the various pen names I used early in my career.

His books (under his own name and pen names) have been published in more than a dozen languages and have sold over four million copies.

Once you are established, use your own name for your most serious books whether they are inside or outside the category you're most known for, and keep your pen names for your lighter things.

He made a strong effort to bring back many of the writers who had dropped out of the field, among them his close friend, Cyril Kombluth, who had begun under a number of pen names and had been one of the better young writers before the war, but had since abandoned all writing efforts.

In 2177 Evelyn Fingerhut had not yet retired, so pick some new pen names and sell him the same old tripe.

Under a host of pen names Kuttner wrote every imaginable kind of science fiction, from swashbuckling space adventures to wild farces to moody fantasy pieces.