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Answer for the clue "Celebrity raised in outskirts of Limoges, French city ", 7 letters:
le mans

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Le Mans is a 1971 film depicting a fictional 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race starring Steve McQueen and directed by Lee H. Katzin . It features actual footage captured during the 1970 race held the previous June. Released in June 1971 and given a G rating ...

Usage examples of le mans.

As he closed the car door, a black Buick Riviera pulled up behind Hoke's Le Mans in the driveway.

Hoke's Pontiac Le Mans was parked behind Ellita's Honda Civic, and Sue Ellen's motorcycle was chained to the carport support column.

She knew there was no way her father could still live, in the same way that she had known that there could have been no hope for her brother, Justin, when she had seen the photographs in the papers of his mangled burned-out car on the Le Mans track less than a month ago.

Hoke's well-battered 1974 Le Mans was indeed parked on the school patio.

The same proceedings took place at Cambrai, Arras, Nantes, Le Mans, Bordeaux, NĂ®.

A former Le Mans driver and part-time alcoholic striving for full-time status, Webb had no visible means of support, yet did a lot of traveling.

Bond had once dabbled on the fringe of the racing world and he was lost in his memories, hearing again the harsh scream of Garacciola's great white beast of a car as it howled past the grandstands at Le Mans, when Drax came out of the house followed by Gala Brand and Krebs.

Garish for England, but Bond guessed that Drax had chosen white in honour of the famous Mercedes-Benz racing colours that had already swept the board again since the war at Le Mans and the Nurburgring.

She heard him coming home, like a Le Mans Grand Prix winner, a long cortege of motor cars roaring up the driveway, then the squeal of brakes, the cannonade of slamming doors, the loud comradely shouts and the snatches of wild song.