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Answer for the clue "Children recalled eating meat, one in balls ", 10 letters:

Word definitions for deliveries in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Delivery \De*liv"er*y\, n.; pl. Deliveries . The act of delivering from restraint; rescue; release; liberation; as, the delivery of a captive from his dungeon. The act of delivering up or over; surrender; transfer of the body or substance of a thing; distribution;...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (plural of delivery English)

Usage examples of deliveries.

There were a few other babies with low Apgar scores, but they were from deliveries further back and all of the doctors were different.

Ze cost is, however, prohibitive and subject to priorities which make deliveries uncertain.

Alex said plaintively, when Tia got finished with tracing the maze of orders and counter-orders that had interrupted their routine round of deliveries to tiny two to four-person Exploratory digs.

  She was making a neater pile of deliveries and transshipment copies when she heard someone taking the Tower steps two at a time.

Except that twelve of the other fourteen members had attended his language classes, there was nothing to trigger identity Although there were still deliveries of equipment, most of what Damia and Thian 'ported now was food and water to provision the three human ships that were to pursue the three Queen pods, and the KLTL which was continuing on to the suspect nova.

The initial 'Dini swarm from Clarf and Sef managed miracles in their first forty hours on Talavera, assembling prefabricated headquarters buildings, living quarters, storage barns, ground vehicles and heavy earth-moving machinery, making landing cradles for all sizes of incoming drone deliveries as well as personnel carriers.

Rojer said, not the least bit apologetic, "but we've some afternoon deliveries and that'll give you some practice while we're still here.

  The largest deliveries went to the places where the planet was at its most open and vulnerable, and could be most easily looted.

  At McGee's Pass, Krisuk Connelly and his family, who had been keeping watch on Satok's old house, noted the odd influx of animals and, between deliveries, sneaked in to see what they could possibly be doing.

Some of them are very bad places, where many deliveries of workers have to be made, and we may not find any Humans left.

He was equally anxious to receive payment for the deliveries and she could promise she'd have the manifests in the designated hands before dinner time.

They were both willing to complete the deliveries and I encouraged them.

He had also told Master Robinton that the Oldtimers were exacting far more than a normal tithe, and that the deliveries did not occur at the customary times or by the usual carriers: it had been moon-dark last night.

Like she'd have starved, except that she had a small boat, inherited from her grandfather, and a regular list of customers she made deliveries for, gotten on her own initiative.

She couldn't be making deliveries on these waters without finding out within a fortnight.