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Answer for the clue "Aids to vision ", 14 letters:
contact lenses

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n. (contact lens English)

Usage examples of contact lenses.

The chariot has been halted in the act of bearing down on Diomedes, all the human players here unaware that the goddess Athena has stopped everything while she plays dolls with her chosen champion, dressing Diomedes in forcefields and thru-view contact lenses and nano-augmenters like some pre-teen girl playing with her Barbie.

That was impossible, of course, unless he had been given contact lenses.

That was impos-sible, of course, unless he had been given contact lenses.

Yamazaki blinks, making his new contact lenses swim uncomfortably.

I said, estimating my chances of getting to my contact lenses, the Moonsuit, my shoes, and my helmet and then dashing out before the woman caught me and beat me senseless.

There were uniforms to be fixed: hair to be dyed gray, and the yellow contact lenses to be fitted so that this group would look more Catteni than what was called the first Botany expedition to Barevi had.

When he realized that gray hair and skin would not entirely present the team as Catteni, he finally managed to produce yellow contact lenses, cursing the need to improvise, since he had not considered his first attempt to be successful.

There were risks involved, for although he was confident enough about the incantations, he neither owned a pair of contact lenses for observing the first three planes, nor had received his new official name.

Both disguises were cour- tesy of New Republic Intelligence, complete with retina-concealing contact lenses and false prints affixed to the pads of their fingers.

There would be time enough later to introduce her to the tearful joys of contact lenses.

Certain types of contact lenses are designed to alter the colour of the eyes .

Certain types of contact lenses are designed to alter the color of the eyes.