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Answer for the clue "Madly bothered about time, being engaged ", 9 letters:

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Word definitions for betrothed in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ He had already said as much to Mistress Philippa when he had met her and her rather effeminate betrothed . ▪ He needs to get betrothed fast and naturally he wants his little heifer to be rich. ▪ Of course, we had been to ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. pledged to be married; "the engaged couple" [syn: affianced , bespoken , engaged , pledged ] n. the person to whom you are engaged

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. fiancé or fiancée vb. (en-past of: betroth )

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1530s, past participle adjective from betroth (v.). As a noun, in use by 1580s.

Usage examples of betrothed.

She expected Lesbia to confide in her, to announce herself blushingly as the betrothed of one of the richest commoners in England.

If he were to learn his betrothed was masquerading about London as her twin, and with Saxford, it would cause quite a scandal.

And after having assured himself that the prisoner was gone, the deputy procureur hastened to the house of his betrothed.

I pledge this to you in the name of the Earth Mother, my betrothed, and in the name of Sartor All-Highest.

Satsuma samurai allows his daughter to be betrothed to a Choshu samurai--whether shishi or not, ronin or not?

I wondered at first how the Principe had got in, but as soon as he told me he was the betrothed of the Signorina, I knew he would not be stopped by a locked gate.

Your sister Fiammetta is betrothed to Christ, Agata is promised to the son of Prince Torre Mosca, and you--your duty is to axcept the bridgroom we have found for you because we love you.

You will understand with what sentiments we have accepted this mission when you learn that Fanny is betrothed to Prince Ardea, here present.

She nodded at the betrothed couple, who were feeding each other bits of cake.

Dameon, hovered in the background with Cydippe, their existence eclipsed by the betrothed pair.

Princess of Lemnos, cousin to Cydippe, betrothed to Achaean Crown Prince Oileus but in love with his brother Dameon.

Even Larmos Droon, who was officially betrothed to her when she turned seventeen, was frequently absent from the parties she attended.

Fort Edward, David Jones sent a party of Indians, under Duluth, a half-breed, to escort his betrothed to the British camp, where they were to be married at once by Chaplain Brudenell, Lady Harriet Acland and Madame Riedesel, wife of General Riedesel, in command of the Brunswick contingent, having consented to be present at the wedding.

Why Ivy and Grey were affianced, while Dolph, Nada, and Electra were betrothed, was a question none of them had ever quite worked out.

Lady Jevington, her Anna eligibly betrothed, was able to feel quite sorry for poor Louisa, so obviously taken in by Alverstoke, and so foolishly betraying her fury in her glaring eyes and reddened checks.