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Word definitions for delineated in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
delineated \delineated\ adj. represented accurately or precisely. [Narrower terms: diagrammatic, diagrammatical ; drawn ; painted ] described in words with sharpness and detail or with vivid imagery. Opposite of undelineated . Syn: represented, delineate....

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. (en-past of: delineate )

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. represented accurately or precisely [syn: represented , delineate ] [ant: undelineated ]

Usage examples of delineated.

  The architects have delineated the ruins of these Thermoe, and the antiquarians, particularly Donatus and Nardini, have ascertained the ground which they covered.

  In their primitive state of simplicity and independence, the Germans were surveyed by the discerning eye, and delineated by the masterly pencil, of Tacitus, ^* the first of historians who applied the science of philosophy to the study of facts.

They were delineated offering to the emperor a civic crown and the sceptre of Gaul, and again receiving at his hands the ornaments of the senatorial dignity.

  In describing the country, extraction, and manners of Herculius, we have already delineated those of Galerius, who was often, and not improperly, styled the younger Maximian, though, in many instances both of virtue and ability, he appears to have possessed a manifest superiority over the elder.

  We enjoy the singular advantage of comparing the pictures which have been delineated by his fondest admirers and his implacable enemies.

Ammianus has delineated in lively colors the scene of universal despair, which he seems to have viewed with an eye of compassion.

  The coarse and undistinguishing pencil of Ammianus has delineated his bloody figures with tedious and disgusting accuracy.

The life of the emperor Alexius has been delineated by a favorite daughter, who was inspired by a tender regard for his person and a laudable zeal to perpetuate his virtues.

He who is seated on the cherubim, visits us this day by a picture, which the Father has delineated with his immaculate hand, which he has formed in an ineffable manner, and which we sanctify by adoring it with fear and love.

  An eloquent historian of the times ^126 has delineated the misfortunes of his country: ^127 the ambition and fall of the ungrateful Majo.

The incomparable statue of Helen, which is delineated by Nicetas in the words of admiration and love: her well-turned feet, snowy arms, rosy lips, bewitching smiles, swimming eyes, arched eyebrows, the harmony of her shape, the lightness of her drapery, and her flowing locks that waved in the wind.

  Yet the idea of a consummate general is not delineated in his campaigns.

All imaginable lines and curves and figures were delineated over his whole body, and in their grotesque variety and infinite profusion I could only compare them to the crowded groupings of quaint patterns we sometimes see in costly pieces of lacework.

Traced along the course of the spine was accurately delineated the slender, tapering and diamond checkered shaft of the beautiful 'artu' tree.

He peeled away the last opaque shrinkwrapping to display his purchase: a foot-high solido of a lovely young woman, every feature sharply delineated in the fragile prismatic carving.