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Answer for the clue "Minimal garment ", 9 letters:

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Loincloth is an American heavy metal band whose members hail from Raleigh, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia .

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A garment that covers the loins (crotch).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1859, from loin + cloth .

Usage examples of loincloth.

They wore nothing but loincloths, and their massive, smooth bodies towered over her as she walked beside Arion down what appeared the main thoroughfare.

His only clothing was a hide loincloth and a brace of belts cinched tight over his stomach.

Once I was securely lashed, he went to work on my leathers, cutting away my breastband and loincloth until I lay naked.

By the time Ben shook out her coat and wrapped it around her, she wore only a breastband and loincloth.

As Kel washed her face, cleaned her teeth, and combed her hair, Lalasa put out her clothes, including a fresh breastband and loincloth, and one of the cloth pads Kel wore during her monthly bleeding.

Across the cleared field, groundkeepers wearing loincloths hurried out with rakes and drags to smooth the ground in preparation for the coming games.

His biceps were overdeveloped from constant exercise, while his legs were curled beneath a tightly wrapped loincloth.

Those seemed content to observe, like myself, bur they had all disrobed, though three or four of them Romanly kept on a single undergarment: a strophion about the breasts, a belt around the waist, a skimpy loincloth.

She had finally gotten used to his clothing, the beaded loincloth, the decorated arm and leg sheaths, and the topknot made of his black hair, ornamented by feathers.

Friday, stalking beside Sterl with his spears and wommera, naked except for his loincloth, presented another kind of black, a glistening ebony.

Both were stripped to the waist, wearing nothing more than loincloths across their hips, leather greaves and arm-guards decorated with shells and feathers, and stripes of chalky paint that delineated the contours of their chests.

Two young men, stripped down to loincloths, worked fans on either side of the woman reclining there at her leisure.

She also could see that these demons were wearing filthy loincloths and collections of paper rags.

The travelers tied back their sleeves, pulled their loincloths tighter for the climb, and started up the treacherous slope.

Lenardo took off his tunic and refastened it around his waist as a sort of loincloth.