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Mede \Mede\, prop. n. A native or inhabitant of Media in Asia. ``according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not'' --Daniel 6: 8.

Usage examples of mede.

Astyages, King of Media, had this dream of his daughter Madane, and the interpretation of the Magi, wherefore he married her to a Persian of mean quality, by whom she had Cyrus, who conquered all Asia, and translated the empire from the Medes to the Persians.

Ook gebruikt hij ze op zeer behendige wijze om zich schoon te maken, zich te krabben, zijn haar glad te strijken, ook wel om er iets mede vast te houden, b.

Mede hovered in a dark nothingness, a pure intelligence untrammeled by the limitations of the body, sensing strange memories and unexperienced situations.

Wyndham remarked that the Jews have a tradition which in itself is very probable, that the venerable man pointed out to Cyrus, after his conquest of Babylon, the verses in Isaiah, wherein he is spoken of by name, as conquering by the power of the Lord, and giving orders to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple: and also that other passage, in which the destruction of the Babylonish empire by the Medes is foretold, both prophecies being recorded more than a hundred years before the birth of the mighty king by whom they were accomplished.

They were Medes, with curled beards and flowing clothes of silk and satin.

This is what Athenians call those Greeks who favor the Persians and their brother-race the Medes.

Medes, the Indo-Aryans have managed for close to forty generations to keep themselves unabsorbed by the Nagas or Dravidians or Harappas.

Enkidu well understood the fury of the outlying worshipers thus deprived of their holy objects, yet he sympathized also with the king, who understood that there were more gods than Marduk and who claimed to be protecting them against the onslaughts of the barbarous Medes.

After being chosen as the leaders of the Ionians and of the other allies of Athenian origin, to punish the Mede, the Athenians accused some of failure in military service, some of fighting against each other, and others, as the case might be, upon any colourable pretext that could be found, until they thus subdued them all.

Gerard writes: 'The roots of the Male Fern, being taken in the weight of half an ounce, driveth forth long flat worms, as Dioscorides writeth, being drunke in mede or honied water, and more effectually if it be given with two scruples, or two third parts of a dram of scammonie, or of black hellebore: they that will use it, must first eat garlicke.

Just as he had feared, the chiliarch was organizing an all-out direct charge against the coming Medes.

True, there were ten thousand foot soldiers in the advancing Mede army.

Taita rode alone in the van, because he was best able to resist the wiles of Ishtar the Mede, and to discover the true road that had been hidden from them.