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n. 1 (lb en legal) A decision on an issue of fact in a civil or criminal case or an inquest. 2 An opinion or judgement.

Usage examples of verdict.

A verdict against Goffman would put enormous pressure on the company to settle and avoid years of litigation and the constant barrage of big verdicts.

The outgoing Premier, Meline, had attempted to deal with the case by denying that any case existed after the rendering of a verdict, but Cavaignac decided to face the issue squarely.

The light of their faces they show him -- his case is Prejudged and his verdict already secured.

When their verdict had been inspected by the judge it was given to the prothonotary to read.

He had no real hope that he would ever be accepted as Plumed-pillar Redux, but he would live at least until the knights reached a verdict, which would probably be appealed to the Emperor and Great Council.

He accepted the result philosophically and refrained from comments, content, apparently, to leave the part he had played in world affairs to the verdict of history.

Nevertheless, in spite of the defect above referred to, it is impossible to deny that the sculptor of the Herod and Caiaphas figures was a man of very rare ability, nor can the general verdict which assigns him the third place among the workers on the Sacro Monte be reasonably disputed.

Durance must be right when he called the social English the most sheepy of sheep:--and Nesta could not consent to the cruel verdict, she adored her compatriots.

Hisser won not-guilty-by-reason-of-entertaining-legal-defense verdicts for the most savage, unremorseful, bloody-minded, and ill-dressed murderers of its time, winning kudos, plaudits, accolades, and prize Cadi1lacs from the wards committee of the hoity-toity American Bar Association.

Rejecting the verdict of the jury and the unanimous opinion of his cabinet, Adams pardoned Fries and the two others, never doubting he had done the right thing.

While the solicitor was employed in this negotiation, he despatched his valet-de-chambre to one nobleman, and Maurice to another, with billets, signifying the nature of the verdict which his adversary had obtained, and desiring that each would lend him a thousand pounds upon his parole, until he could negotiate bills upon the Continent.

Nabopolassar gave his verdict, leaped again joyously as the Chaldaean seer wormed his way off the platform and back to his place among the little crowd on the ground.

By the verdict of the ordinary juries, the fate of the prisoners must be decided.

The verdict that Lukan was guilty of heresy on all counts and would be executed the next day had shocked the courtroom.

Justice spoke for the Court as in the Slocum Case, it was held that a trial court had the right to enter a judgment on the verdict of the jury for the plaintiff after overruling a motion by defendant for dismissal on the ground of insufficient evidence.