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Answer for the clue "Boxing stats", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word kos



Feats of Clay: Abbr.

Marciano stats

Frazier's specialties

Ring wins

Coups de gr‚ce

Sends to the canvas

Dempsey stat


Big cuffs?

Big belts

Most Foreman wins, informally

W.B.A. stats

Some ring outcomes, for short

Floors at M.S.G.

Floors, for short

Flattens, for short

Floors, briefly


Pulverizes, quickly

Levels, briefly

Bout enders, for short

Wallops, quickly

Some boxing wins, briefly

Ring victories, for short


Puts down, in brief


Many Tyson finishes

Sugar Ray stats

Lays out

Ring results, briefly

Be postponed

Nails but good

Some W.B.A. wins

W.B.A. finales

Ring results, for short

Bout enders, briefly

Takes down

Flattens in the ring, for short

Match closers, for short

Dramatic boxing results, briefly

Big hits, for short

Belts in which stars are seen?

Some boxing wins, for short

Mike Tyson stat

Stats in Street Fighter

Belts boxers don't want to receive?

Ring wallops, informally

Bout-ending slugs

Flattens, in brief

Sends to the canvas, for short

Ring results

Takes down, briefly

37 bout results for Muhammad Ali, informally

Lays flat

Decks, in brief

Stats for 35-Across

More than staggers

Boxing victories, briefly

An Indian unit of length having different values in different localities

Coups de gr

Part of Ali's rec.

Ring victories

Birthplace of Hippocrates

Some wins by 17 Across

Aegean island

Puts down for the count

Greek isle


Bests, in bouts

Renders unconscious, briefly

Ring feats

Ingemar Johansson wins

Foreman stat

Dodecanese island

Boxers' stats

Ring events

These come from stiff socks

Hagler stats.

Whomps, briefly

Ring decisions

See 54-Down

Boxer's stat

Stats re Louis, Ali et al.

Hippocrates' birthplace

Bout routs

Greek island

Drop shots, in the ring

Items in Ali's rec.

Parts of Ali's rec.

Delivers a haymaker

Lands a haymaker

Boxing results

Arithmetic for Holmes

Word definitions for kos in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
kos \kos\ n. an Indian unit of length having different values in different localities. Syn: coss.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
measure of distance in India (about 2 miles), from Hindi kos , from Sanskrit krosah , literally "a call, a shout;" thus, "distance within which a man's shout can be heard."

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. an Indian unit of length having different values in different localities [syn: coss ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
KOS may refer to: KOS Media , providing county wide and local regional publications in Kent Kill on sight Kingdom of Sorrow , a Sludgecore band from New Orleans Knowledge Organization Systems , a generic term used in Knowledge organization KolibriOS , open...

Usage examples of kos.

Unlike most SEALS, who only took their work seriously, Kos Kosciuszko took life too seriously to accept a ribbing in the proper spirit.

He, Mac, Roselli, Kos Kosciuszko, and Ed DeWitt were sitting in a secure planning room amid stacks of maps, papers, intelligence files, and satellite photographs.

Ed DeWitt and Kos Kosciuszko were giving the route map a last bit of study.

With their armored car in the lead, then the two Mercedes, and finally DeWitt and Kos bringing up the rear in the second armored car, the SEALs started down the road into the cold Lebanese night.

Baalbek, Lebanon Ed DeWitt, imager in hand, was leading Kos Kosciuszko out of the warehouse when an automatic weapon opened up off to their right.

The Mercedes was screaming through the streets of Baalbek, and Kos Kosciuszko was laid out across the back seat.

Without moving Kos, he slipped his hands underneath and checked the back.

He made himself comfortable, and they left Kos Kosciuszko to regain consciousness on his own.

Razor picked up DeWitt while Murdock threw Kos Kosciuszko into the undamaged Mercedes.

PKM to Kos Kosciuszko and received a lighter, faster-handling Kalashnikov AKM from Doc.

Then Kos Kosciuszko, with the machine gun and close to seven hundred rounds linked, all that had been left in the Mercedes.

Jaybird and Murdock went across the dirt road first, while Kos and Higgins, on either flank, trained their weapons up and down the road.

Sensing it, Kos Kosciuszko raised up on his knees and held down the trigger on his PKM machine gun.

In his will Kos Kosciuszko named Blake Murdock the executor of his estate.

Then they all got loudly shit-faced and told Kos Kosciuszko stories long into the night.