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Answer for the clue "Nitrogen and carbon dioxide", 6 letters:

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Noncombustible gases

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n. (plural of inert English)

Usage examples of inerts.

And they’d sent—were still sending, at intervals—swarms of inerts after that ship.

They'd use inerts: simple mag-fired rifle balls, in effect—hoping to cripple Corinthian's jump-capacity.

And they'd sent—were still sending, at intervals—swarms of inerts after that ship.

Silver Dream had likewise dumped hard, then spent time on an instant evasive maneuver, expecting those inerts to be traveling up their backside, no question: the ship was a survivor, to be this old in the game.

Figure Silver Dream was in motion, too, not in hard-scan range, but gathering realspace speed, off which her own missiles and inerts could be effective.

Hope Patrick made acquaintance of the inerts, head on, before he gathered v enough for shielding effect.

         Davirnik Gidi was what the Sheriff's Department primly called an Inert Death, and every deputy knew Inerts were usually bad, but it was universally agreed that Gidi had been the worst.

         The Inerts were something Spacers did not like to talk about.

A rather high nitrogen concentration, to be sure—82 percent—but that left 17 percent for oxygen, plus some miscellaneous inerts, and it wouldn't be too rough on the lungs.

Oxygen and nitrogen content is very good, more esoteric inerts than I'm used, to but being inert they shouldn't have any real effect.