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Answer for the clue "City SE of Prague ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word brno

Usage examples of brno.

Moreover, the monastery at Brno where he lived from 1843 was known as a learned institution.

February and March meetings of the Natural History Society of Brno in 1865, the audience of about forty listened politely but was conspicuously unmoved, even though the breeding of plants was a matter of great practical interest to many of the members.

First he said he wanted to go to Brno on Sunday for the motorcycle races.

I met her when I was studying in Brno, and I was glad that I was able to see her almost every day after my return.

I had two hours to go: Helena had taken the early flight from Prague and was due in on a bus from Brno just before eleven.

Kundera, born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and now living in France, has been much influenced by German and especially Austrian literature, as well as by western European writers.

Milada Janosikova Kundera, in Brno, a medium-size city in the Moravian section of Czechoslovakia.

Communist Party as well as enrollment in a Prague university instead of the one in Brno that the more traditional Jaroslav attends.

Koucky brothers for the Zbrojovka works at Brno, was steady in her right hand.

Jan Jelinek, Director Emeritus, Anthropos Institute, Brno, Czechoslovakia, for his unfailing kindness, assistance, and astute observations and interpretations of the rich Upper Paleolithic artifacts of the region.

ZKR 551, originating in the Zbrojovka Works in Brno, and designed by the Koucky brothers.

It contained an unmistakable photograph of Schimler, but was issued in the name of Paul Czissar, commercial representative, born in Brno in 1895.

Schimler, but was issued in the name of Paul Czissar, commercial representative, born in Brno in 1895.

He had discharged himself without fuss from an Academy for the Sons of Gentlemen in Brno, and from the British public school recommended by his grandmother, the redoubtable Nora Coutts, who lived in a wing of the house drinking Earl Grey tea from Harrods and bullying him about the syntax of the English language.

Your poor dissidents on the run from Prague or Brno or Plzen wouldn't come here.