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Answer for the clue "Lean and long", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word lank


Tall and slender

Limp, as hair

Like young Abe Lincoln

Hardly portly

Tall and thin

Lacking spring or curl, as hair

Lacking any curl

Long and lean


Opposite of stout


Long and thin

Not curly, as hair

Like many a hoopster


Slender and tall

Tall and skinny


Word definitions for lank in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES lank especially literary (= thin, straight, and unattractive ) ▪ a scruffy young man with lank hair EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ The powder will absorb any grease making your hair look less lank .

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Lank \Lank\, v. i. & t. To become lank; to make lank. [Obs.] --Shak. --G. Fletcher.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
1 slender or thin; not well filled out; not plump; shrunken; lean. 2 (of hair) Straight and flat; thin and limp. (often associated with being greasy) 3 (context obsolete English) languid; drooping. v (context rare English) To become lank; to make lank.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English hlanc "loose and empty, slender, flaccid," from Proto-Germanic *hlanka- , forming words meaning "to bend, turn," perhaps with a connecting notion of "flexible" (see flank (n.)). In Middle English, "Some examples may be long adj. with unvoicing...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. long and thin and often limp; "grown lank with fasting"; "lank mousy hair" long and lean [syn: spindly ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Lank may refer to: Lank (surname) Lank, Cornwall , a hamlet in Cornwall, United Kingdom Lank Rigg , fell in the English Lake District

Usage examples of lank.

The lank black hair and deep grey eyes, the haggard expression and nervous manner, the fitful yet keen interest of his visitor were a novel change from the phlegmatic deliberations of the ordinary scientific worker with whom the Bacteriologist chiefly associated.

When the hunters tired of fishing, and when they wearied of crossing the sand-dunes and the glaring, shimmering beachglaring and shimmering on every fine day of summer-to poke off the mussels and spear the butterfish and groper, they pushed through the Ceratopetalums and the burrawangs, and, following the tortuous bed of the principal creek amid the ferns and the moss and the vines and the myrtles, gradually ascending, they entered the sub-tropical patch where the ferns were huge and lank and staghorns clustered on rocks and trees, and the beautiful Dendrobium clung, and the supplejacks and leatherwoods and bangalow palms ran up in slender height, and that pretty massive parasite-the wild fig-made its umbrageous shade, as has been written.

Ashen features, hair lank with sweat, lips discolored by the medicine.

Prew grinned, his starched campaign hat pushed back to show 572 his lank black hair that might have come from some forgotten Cherokee among his own Kentucky ancestors.

Quite probably their broad, flat noses, and their long, lank hair, their faces fixed immovably, as if they were carved in nandubay, contrasted strangely with their finery.

SS Sergeant Major Gunther Sturm strut before the ragged assembly, his face clean-shaven for once, his lank blond hair combed across his bullet-shaped head.

Academy Headmaster who grows one side to girlish length and carefully combs it so it rides thinly up and over the gleaming yarmulke of bare gray-green-complected scalp on top and down over the other side where it hangs lank and fools no one and tends to flap back up over in any wind Charles Tavis forgets to carefully keep his left side to.

Her hair hung lank, her lips looked bruised, and there were tidemarks of dirt around her neck.

The eyes, too, were inhuman, but the upperparts of the head remained recognizably human still, there was even a patch of lank grey hair, pulled back and tied in a knot.

Once a white man in an unbuttoned uniform, camping on the path with an armed escort of lank Zanzibaris, very hospitable and festive-- not to say drunk.

The lank, curve-necked beasts that carried them plodded at an unchangeable rate.

More than once he had caught a glimpse in the streets of the lank figure and the frowzy red head, but Carrots had no desire to meet Theo and he took good care to keep out of his way.

Crutchleigh stayed her step upon the stairs abruptly, and turned, with a look of fierce surprise upon her lean, white-headed lord, arresting thereby the upward march of Corfe Crutchleigh, Esq., the hope of his house, who was pulling on his gloves, with his eldest spinster sister on his lank arm.

Of course the lady saw that lank and sinister man of God quite distinctly, but she did not choose to do so, and Larkin, with a grand sort of prescience, foresaw a county feud between the Houses of Five Oaks and Brandon, and now the lady had vanished.

So now having taken all measures, gliding among the portmanteaus, hand-barrows, and porters, and the clangorous bell ringing, he mounted, lithe and lank, into his place.