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Answer for the clue "Fly larva ", 4 letters:

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n. (alternative spelling of bot English) (the larva of the botfly)

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Bott is an English and German surname. Notable people with the surname include: Catherine Bott , English soprano John Bott Leon Bott , Australian rugby league footballer Leonidas Bott (1889–1969), Australian cricketer Lloyd Bott (1917–2004), senior Australian...

Usage examples of bott.

But Bott, having the soul of a true musician, cared but little for money and was happy enough so long as he could smoke his old meerschaum pipe and draw the bow across the cherished violin held lovingly to his cheek.

But Bott had never seen a certified check and was unaccustomed to the ways of business.

He urged Bott to notify the police of the theft, but the old man was prostrated with grief, and it was the wife who, with Ellen Chancy, finally accompanied Flechter to Police Headquarters.

Flechter, if it could be established, was his actual possession of the Bott Stradivarius when he was arrested.

Moreover, he was able to describe the markings of the Bott violin even to the label inside it.

Frederick, a violin maker, who testified that he was familiar with the Bott Strad.

Being, at the same time, in funds, and able to satisfy his taste as a virtuoso, he felt the need of and bought a violin for ten dollars, but, Fox urging upon him the desirability of getting a good one while he was about it, was finally persuaded to purchase the Bott violin for twenty dollars in its stead.

She had been such a hit with Misses Bott and Greenwood, this should be a piece of cake.

Tillie Bott, telling her that Shayla had said she was going to change her life.

Fleming and Botts, and by ill luck these two not only arrived together but knew and disliked one another.

All the time that Botts was standing near me I could catch that peculiar sweetish whiff which exhales from red-haired people.

Hathersage interposed himself between that gentleman and the dairymaids, for which I liked him the better, for I was sure he relished Botts no more than I did myself.

Some of the others, like Fleming and Botts, were so vague that I felt they did not mean to come at all, and I rejoiced at it.

These they took to Botts, who made a pile of stones and stacked the turf clumsily on wooden frames cut by Harry.

As far as I could tell, Jeremiah, Botts and Hathersage lay in solitary confinement like myself.