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Answer for the clue "Bronze Age trumpet", 3 letters:

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Iranian native

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A lur , also lure or lurr , is a long natural blowing horn without finger holes that is played by embouchure . Lurs can be straight or curved in various shapes. The purpose of the curves was to make long instruments easier to carry (e.g. for marching, like...

Usage examples of lur.

Varta touched her tongue without fear to a powdered restorative, sharing it with Lur, whose own mailed skin would protect him through the dangers to come.

Varta seized eagerly upon globes of blood red fruit which she recognized as delicacies which had been cultivated in the Temple gardens, while Lur went hunting into the fringes of the jungle, there dining on prey so easily caught as to be judged devoid of fear.

And it was there, on the slope of the mountain that they found the greatest wonder of all, Lur scenting it before they sighted the remains among the stones.

But Lur pushed on before her, his head disappearing fearlessly under the surface as he crawled through the jagged opening in the ship below.

To her eyes the wall seemed without line of an opening, and yet Lur was running his broad front paws over it carefully, now and then throwing his weight against the smooth surface.

Breathless the girl slumped back against the wall of the cabin while Lur settled down on his haunches.

Varta threw back her hood and breathed deeply of the air which was not manufactured by the wizardry of the lizard skin and Lur sat panting, his nostril flaps open.

Catching sight of the clumsy suit Lur had taken from him he pulled at it, looking at the two before him as if he feared some attack.

It was only after repeated instruction from Lur that he began to frame his messages in his mind, clumsily and disconnectedly.

He had noticed that di Strozza, Kai Shah, a lean Syrian scribe named Musa bin Daoud, and the wolfish Lur, Kadra Muhammad, stayed close to each other, while Nadir Tous had his own following among the lesser bandits, wild ruffians, mostly Persians and Armenians, and Kojar Mirza was surrounded by a number of even wilder mountain Kurds.

He set his teeth and lifted his sword-arm, swinging the clinging Lur clear of the floor.

Her sister, Lur, was eighteen - three years older than Thea - and yet, Thea thought sourly, she still had the thin, grating tones of an adolescent.

Thea could answer Lur came Waving clumsily out of the sky, her small breasts shaking.

The people - Lur and Wesa among them - clustered around again, patting at the fat Air-pig.

A while later Skafloc heard, far and weird in the still spaces around him, the lowing of a lur horn.