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Kure can refer to: KURE , a radio station in Ames, Iowa Kure Software Koubou , Japanese video game development company Kure, Hiroshima (呉), a city in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan Kure Line , a rail line in the city Kure Station , a railway station on the...

Usage examples of kure.

She had forged into the waters of Kure Bay, dragging her tonnage of chains and weights behind her, and she had come to rest, floating solidly, immovable under the urge of the wind, a vast cliff of steel towering above the workshops and cranes and other ships.

Four thousand miles south of Kure the sun lifted above the eastern horizon and showered that southern world with brilliant light.

The leisurely trip back to Kure would allow them to settle down, with a few boat-drills and fire-fighting exercises to keep them occupied.

The forces which had brought a new battleship from Kure and a new destroyer from Sydney more than four thousand miles to meet each other outside a speck of land in the Pacific were as natural as they were inevitable.

Hi kurureba Sasoeshi mono wo -- Akanuma no Makomo no kure no Hitori-ne zo uki!

PROLOGUE Japanese Imperial submarine I-403 and Seiran float plane December 12, 1944 Kure Naval Base, Japan Lieutenant Commander Takeo Ogawa glanced at his wristwatch and shook his head in irritation.

Gradually the lights of Kure fell away as the submarine snaked around several large islands, then entered the Seto Inland Sea.

In the Pacific waters off the Bungo Strait, aggressive American submarines lurked in the depths hunting merchant supply ships or armed vessels en route from the Kure Navy Base.

There was a bottle of Kroup Kure in the hip pocket of her overalls -- a medicine made from whisky, rock candy, and a secret ingredient.

So she had kept the child around the premises all day, giving him licorice and frequent doses of the Kroup Kure, and toward evening she tied a napkin around his neck and let him eat his fill of the dinner.

Charlie Henderson searched the surface of the Inland Sea from Shimonoseki on the west to the Kure Naval Base to the east, at 500 to 1,000 feet, skirting the coast, banking around the islands, sweeping across the stretches in the clear moonless night.

According to Amazon, they think Kure ought to be withheld and sold only to select customers.

These, 27 in number, left Kure and Yoko-suka around 19 November and fueled at Kwajalein in the Marshalls Five of the I-boats carried midget two-man submarines.

Luzon, 485-6 Kula Gulf, Battle of, 276 KUMANO, 457, 472 Kure, 49, 566 Kuribayashi, Lt.

This massive gray armada swung silently at anchor, each ship riding low in the water under a full load of fuel and supplies taken on board at Kure in preparation for the sortie.