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Answer for the clue "Dernier ___ (latest style)", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word cri

Dernier _____

Dernier _____ (latest fashion)

_____ de coeur

Dernier ___


___ de coeur (pained utterance)

___ de coeur

Dernier ___ (last word)

Henri's shout

___ du coeur

___ de guerre

Dernier ___ (latest thing)

Dernier ___ (the latest thing)

Dernier ___ (latest fashion)

Shout across the Seine?

Chartres shout

Shout about Paris?

Shout, to Cherie

Le dernier ___ (the latest fashion)

___ de guerre (war whoop) (3)

Le dernier ___

Yell, in Lille

___ de coeur (passionate protest)

___ de coeur (passionate appeal)

Dernier ___ (newest fashion)

Clamor, in Paris

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Usage examples of cri.

La foule encombrait les abords du Palais-Bourbon, saluant de ses acclamations et des cris de Vive la Charte!

Le cri des grillons dechirait le grand silence de la nuit, et la lune levee au-dessus des arbres argentait les allees du parc desert.

Gringoire, avec des rires et des cris qui paraissaient se soucier fort peu du sommeil des voisins.

So I never told Cris about Dunster and Beth, not even years later, when he first mentioned War Crimes, and gave me the scripts and told me who had written them.

Cris wanted me to join that sartorial enthusiast Peregrine Gryce in an effort to control Dunster, an activity which required the hopeless optimism of King Canute giving orders to the tide.

I had talked to Cris and made up my mind that, at whatever cost, Dunster had to be defeated.

It seemed, like the long-awaited battle between Cris and Dunster, to hang suspended in time.

I felt tired and slept well, confident that Dunster was defeated and Cris out of trouble.

And yet, when I thought about it on that calm walk through the woods in the autumn sunshine, there seemed no real danger of Dunster leaving the battlefield crowing with victorious delight and Cris being convicted of an atrocity.

I looked at Dunster then: his jaw was clenched, his pale face set and, at having been called a member of the establishment which included Cris, he looked more deeply wounded than he did at any other stage of the trial.

Louvre, les guichets, le Pont-Royal, avec des cris de vengeance et de fureur.

Cris has delivered our goods, and our roads are perfect, and someone like Pilau has learned to drive the giant machine.

Garonne, les longs cris des bateliers, un roulement de chariot sur le Pont Couvert.

He was one of the unhappy few who refused to call Crispin Bellhanger, Cris and the most endlessly vocal member of the Board.

Years later, when I came to work for Cris Bellhanger, I suppose I was attracted to him because he was the same sort of character.