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Answer for the clue "Famed race horse", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word noor

Hussein's queen

Koh-i- _____ (famed diamond)


Queen of Jordan

American-born Queen of Jordan

King Hussein's queen

Koh-i-___ diamond

Jordan's Queen ___

Koh-i-___ (106-carat diamond)

American-born Jordanian queen

Queen who wrote "Leap of Faith"

Former queen of Jordan

American-born queen

Jordanian queen

U.S.-born Jordanian queen

Koh-i-___, once the world's largest known diamond

Queen with a degree from Princeton

Former Jordanian queen

Queen dowager of Jordan

Race horse or Jordanian queen

Record-breaking horse

Famed queen or horse

A queen from the U.S.A.

King Hussein's wife

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