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Bank holdings?

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n. (plural of telephone English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: telephone )

Usage examples of telephones.

You know in hotels with dial telephones, from some phones you can dial rooms 212 Wednesday directly.

Then Peter heard: a cacophony as if all the telephones on earth were ringing together.

I watched the busy, orderly scene, many people moving, telephones ringing, voices talking, typewriters clacking, computer screens flicking, cups of coffee on the march.

Now they could hear excited shouting, telephones ringing stridently, the sound of approaching sirens in the street below.

He had been assigned a business with two telephones and a fax machine.

It was flanked with an impressive array of technology, several telephones, an intercom system, a switchboard, and - behind him - just visible from where she stood looking plaintive, an array of video-screens.

Around them, in many bays half separated from each other by shoulder-high partitions, were clumps of three or four desks, each bay inhabited by telephones, typewriters, potted plants and people in a faint but continuous state of agitation.

I waved my hand at the telephones, the dope sheets, the rolls of flash paper, and the other stuff we had just unpacked.

Fortunately for the eavesdroppers, the Japanese negotiators frequently bypassed secure, encrypted phones because insecure hotel telephones were more readily available and easier to use.

The officers have available an Emergency Response Communications Command Post equipped with STU-III secure cellular telephones and encrypted closed-circuit television systems.

As might be expected, the mobile medical unit is equipped with secure telephones and cell phones for communicating with the various buildings.

From more than thousand kilometers of distance, Julie reached to hear that the tubes of several telephones rose and heard a series of exclamaciones of lightening, but over all of them resonated the voice of Ted, calm, authoritarian.