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Clete may refer to: Greek mythological figures: Clete or Cleta, one of the Charites Clete (Amazon) , companion of Penthesilea People: Clete Blakeman (born 1965), official in the National Football League since the 2008 NFL season Clete Boyer (1937–2007), ...

Usage examples of clete.

Thirty minutes later, after Dorotea had eaten a flan covered with dulce de leche, a sweet, chocolatelike substance made by boiling milk for hours, she kissed Clete chastely on the cheek, and marched off with Beth and Marjorie down a corridor in the right wing of the sprawling house to her guest room.

Clete walked from the Toyota, wheeled Dio's father by a barbecue pit, lighted a bag of charcoal, and began forking a box of steaks onto the grill.

When Clete had knocked at his door in La Boca an hour before, Tony was awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

And no-one would have thought much about it if people very like Mr Clete of the Musicians' Guild hadn't come along and made maps and put across this part of the desert an innocent little dotted line that marked a border between Klatch and Hersheba.

Clete went to Peron and touched the sleeve of his dark blue double-breasted suit.

Clete had told me I could call him at the Eastgate Lounge at six o'clock.

I dialed the Eastgate Lounge, then listened to the hum and clatter of noise in the background while a woman called Clete to the phone.

Her husband had died instantaneously of a cerebral hemorrhage en route from the bar to the men's room of the Midland Petroleum Club shortly after Clete had flown his Wildcat off the escort carrier USS Long Island onto Guadalcanal's Henderson Field.

When Clete opened it, Major Freiherr Hans-Peter von Wachtstein was standing there.

Judging by his face, Clete sensed that Major Freiherr Hans-Peter von Wachtstein did not understand the humor.

Clete told the story, including the cover story of his heart murmur and his job down here making sure the Argentines weren't diverting American oil products to the Germans.

Clete announced as the maid served him orange juice, milk, the steak, two eggs fried sunny-side up, home-fried potatoes, and toast.

Claudia said quickly, to fore­stall any reply from either Isabela, who rolled her eyes, or Clete.

The bathroom was equipped with a plumbing fixture Clete had first seen on the island of Espiritu Santo, in the house of a French plantation owner taken over as a transient quarters.

When Clete started to unfold them, he saw it was really one long sheet of paper, and recognized the carbon copy from a radio-teletype machine.