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Answer for the clue "Besides, in the boondocks ", 3 letters:

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YIT Oyj ( YIT-Yhtymä prior to 13 March 2006) is a diversified Finnish -based company , headquartered in Helsinki , which provides a range of services, mainly to other businesses. YIT's operations span three main business divisions: Building and Industrial ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Yit \Yit\, conj. Yet. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

Usage examples of yit.

My Marster warnt no big, rich man lak er heap er de white folks in dem slabery times, yit en still, he sho hed er plenty er ebery-thing, en de bes of all he fed he niggers good en wus always good ter tem.

There an artificial intelligence of some sort would sort the data throughout the multiprocessor bus of the device and reroute commands back out over the YIT.

Faire virgin (said the Prince) ye me requireA thing without the compas of my wit:For both the lignage and the certain Sire,From which I sprong, from me are hidden yit.

Risin' in the bar he spoke as follers, there bein over 20 individooals present: "This North American has been a inmate of my 'ouse over two weeks, yit he hasn't made no attempt to scalp any member of my fam'ly.

I'm near 60, and yit I've got a muskle into my arms which don't make my fists resemble the tread of a canary bird when they fly out and hit a man.

Yit as a faithful historan I must menshun the fack that on rainy dase white peple can't find their way threw the streets without the gas is lit, there bein such a numerosity of cullerd pussons in the town.