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Answer for the clue "Skiers' lifts", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tows



Expensive car trips


A.A.A. jobs

Garage jobs

Tugboat services

Aids for disabled cars

Some emergency services

Brings along

Rescues for broken-down cars

Followers of many breakdowns

Responses to some OnStar calls

Pulls along

Certain chains

Hauls in

Trucks for hire


Ski ___

Tugboat's charges

What a tug does

Word definitions for tows in dictionaries

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n. (plural of tow English)

Usage examples of tows.

Later casts off the Ozero Baykai and tows the Amy Bigalow and the Ozero Zaysan out to sea.

Piloted by Pitt with Manny in the engine room, the vessel is in the center when the Pisto tows the three ships out to sea.

On the starboard side when the Pisto tows the three vessels out to sea.

Arrives at Santa Inez Island and tows the Lady Flamborough away from the glacier.

Norwegian fishing trawler that tows the First Auempt and Koplin to within two hundred miles of Novaya Zemlya so he can test for traces of byzanium.

The galleys were casting off their tows, turning, their oars going to double-stroke.