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Answer for the clue "Herbaceous plants", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of wort English)

Usage examples of worts.

The worts must remain in the same vessel undisturbed for twelve hours after being collected, unless previously taken account of by the officer.

On the other hand, the consideration of the saline matter in waters, the composition of the extract of worts and beers, and the analysis of brewing materials and products generally, belong to the domain of pure chemistry.

In addition to Gillian Hazeltine, Worts was the creator of two other series that were destined to prove equally popular with readers of the time.

In addition to Gillian Hazeltine, Worts created two other characters who proved to be equal reader favorites: Singapore Sammie Shay and Peter the Brazen.

Both series were set in the China seas, an area Worts knew well, from his days as a wireless operator on the ocean liners that plowed those latitudes.