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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Reem \Reem\, v. t. [Cf. Ream to make a hole in.] (Naut.) To open (the seams of a vessel's planking) for the purpose of calking them. Reeming iron (Naut.), an iron chisel for reeming the seams of planks in calking ships.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Reem is an Arabic female given name, which means " gazelle " and symbolizes purity, elegance and grace. Reem is considered to be an upper-class name, and many princesses have held it. Reem is often used in Arabic literature and poetry as a metaphor for ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 n. A large horned animal in ancient Hebrew literature, variously identified with the wild ox or aurochs (''Bos primigenius''), the Arabian oryx, or a mythical creature (compare (term: unicorn)). Etymology 2 vb. (context transitive nautical English) ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Hebrew name of an animal in the Old Testament (Job xxxix:9, etc.), now identified with the wild ox, \nbut formerly translated in Latin as rhinoceros and in English as unicorn .

Usage examples of reem.

Further, in those distant days she was known by her Creator, Ngai, as the reem rather than as the rhinoceros.

This later word, O habilines, implies the possession of a horn that the reem did not yet have.

Provided one knew just where to strike, the reem could be made to bleed like a hemophiliac.

Full of wonder, the reem listened to the wind, the lyric babbling of the water, and the plangent cries of tiny, cloistered birds.

Creator was so angered that he took his own name in vain, but his exasperation did not alter the fact that the reem had spoken truthfully.

Seeing it, the Creator gathered so much air into his monkey lungs that the reem was left gasping for breath.

By the time he reached the astonished reem, he was no bigger than an adult baboon and still shrinking.

The reem impaled him on both her horns, shook him loose, and kicked him into a gully like a pancake pile of steaming dung.

In his dwelling on the slope the reem found Ngai febrile and shrunken, no bigger than a dung beetle.

Mount Tharaka bereft of Ngai and saw the dust clouds billowing from the southern plains, they deduced that the reem was assisting the fugitive.

North Platte, Nebraska, and that Carl Reems, her boyfriend, had confessed to the crime after being caught in Omaha, most of the teachers thought that Kelly had been murdered as well, despite the chronology to the contrary.

Posters of the seventeen-year-old were seen around Boulder for a month or so, but Reems denied doing anything to her right up to his conviction for the murder of Patricia Dahl.

North Platte and Omaha revealed no arrest of anyone named Carl Reems at any time in the past twelve years.

There were three other men in plain-clothes: Knoblock, Reems and Brannigan.

Second, there is - was - a young gambler by name Tyburn Reems who was often seen about in the city.