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Answer for the clue "Mind: Prefix ", 3 letters:

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adv. (context Geordie English) now

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Nõo is a small borough in Tartu County , in southern Estonia . It's located about 15 km southwest of the city of Tartu by the Tartu– Valga – Riga railway and the European route E264 (also known as Via Hanseatica ). Nõo is the administrative centre of Nõo...

Usage examples of noo.

Indeed, if it took Doctor Zoglick only twenty seconds to knock twenty inches and twenty years off this Yonkee pork baron, Doctor Glencannon ocht to be able to knock theerty inches and theerty years off you between noo and next Thursday!

I shell, with the permission of the Trustees, make sech noo arrangements as circumstahnces compel.

But I would hae had no occasion to dwall upo' the fac', gien he had ever gi'en me, noo or than, jist a wee bit sign o' ony affection!

M’ wee house hae naught but animals i‘ it, an’ there’s noo room ae all f’r me!

But noo by th‘ Emp, thoo Ah hae an in’trestin’ run in wi‘ India Sierra as we w’re runnin’t th’ mission.

But Ah hae traces ae whae Ah wen‘ lookin’t for, which Ah’ll noo ’splain till we face-t‘-face.

Trustin‘ me thae Ah hae noo but th’ best ae intentions frae Sten, an‘ frae this clottin’ rebellion thae’s likely’t‘ cause th’ death ae us all.

Captain, and I've got quite a collection of duplicate mathoms th' noo.

Wi' loan o' Tara troops, me force were near twicet agin the o' ony ithers, an' as King Ahmladh IV, Tim now be into if secun' year o' his reign, is wedded a year tae a pretty, little thing oof 'n the Hoose o' Muma an' she's a-nursin' a foine, strappin' bouchal twa moon, noo.