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Answer for the clue "Bernie of the Red Sox", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word carbo


Bernie ___, former Red Sox slugger

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n. (context informal English) carbohydrate

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Carbó is the municipal seat of Carbó Municipality of the state of Sonora , Mexico .

Usage examples of carbo.

However, the father was not without some influence, and was able to procure the boy a cadetship in the legion Marcus Crassus had recruited for Sulla after he landed in Italy and began his war against Carbo.

Gnaeus Papirius Carbo- twice consul of Rome and now governor of Italian Gaul- should put himself, his eight legions and his cavalry into camp on the fringes of Ariminum.

Philippus took everything I had and gave it to Cinna and Carbo- and Sulla has not given it back.

Carbo twice, Marcus Gratidianus twice the urban praetor, almost half the Senate outlawed, Appius Claudius banished with his imperium intact, Fimbria running round Asia Minor making deals with King Mithridates-the whole thing is a joke!

Estevan lurched out of his seat and Posie dropped the carbo tubes in his hands.

Beneath his shirt, Pip rested peacefully, the mellow minidrag contentedly digesting recently ingested carbos and salt.

They are probably there to monitor unusual demand for brain chemicals and carbos in a combination that approximates paranoid hysteria with pseudo-psychotic overtones, a condition that I admit I submitted to momentarily just now.

I acquit Catulus and Gaius Piso and the rest of the rump, but Publius Sulla, his minion Autronius and all that lot were assiduous in helping Carbo prosecute.

Carbo and his legates must halt Sulla at Arretium, not a difficult thing to do when Sulla had but three legions.

And while Carbo waited for events to shape themselves, tell him what he must do, news came first from Italian Gaul that Norbanus and his legates Quinctius and Albinovanus were beaten, that Metellus Pius and Varro Lucullus held Italian Gaul for Sulla.

April was not yet done, something over a million and a half sesterces had already been swallowed up, which meant that Carbo would have to ask the Treasury for more before too long.