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Answer for the clue "Forever, in Sydney ", 3 letters:

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Åke is a masculine Swedish given name , possibly derived from the medieval Germanic name Anicho , derived from ano meaning "ancestor". In Sweden, May 8 is the Name day for Åke. There are variant spellings, including the Danish / Norwegian Åge or Aage . ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ake \Ake\, n. & v. See Ache .

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Etymology 1 vb. (archaic spelling of ache English) Etymology 2 adv. forever

Usage examples of ake.

Wishing to maintain as much privacy as possible, Ake had turned off the video half of the transmission.

Lilliputian ropes restraining a sleek, mechanical Gulliver, Ake hit the forward thrusters and the ship shot backwards out of the slot that had held it like a sword being pulled from a scabbard.

Studying the projections in front of him, Ake saw that they were flying directly into a labyrinth filled with converging torpedoes, drop charges and missiles.

Even though Ray, Ake, and the dogs would experience--would live the three minutes they would be in hyperspace--The Spirit of St.

To keep track of the time, however, Ake had the computer flash a backwards-counting readout in front of him: 03:00, 02:59, 02:58, and so on to 00:00.

Ignoring the badinage, Ake walked over to where the rubies lay on the floor, kneeled down, and began selecting likely prospects.

With few wasted motions, Ake tied Ray to his line and then began towing him back toward the hatch.

After giving each of the nine members of the canine scout team a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears, and an encouraging word or two, Ake helped secure them.

Ray asked Ake, the two of them sitting in the cockpit nursing drinks with Beowulf and Frodo lying at their feet.

As Ray and the other dogs rushed to join the melee, Ake slowly got out of the hovercraft, stretched his legs, and waved knowingly at a figure standing and watching all the commotion from a respectful distance.

Figuring that the greeting was going to go on for a little while longer, Ake skirted the roiling mass of dog fur and confusion and approached Skerchock.

In a flash, Maximilian, Clementine, Telzey, and Emma had surrounded Ake and were licking his face and putting their massive paws on his shoulders.

Not surprisingly, Ake lost his balance and tumbled to the ground, disappearing under hundreds of kilos of insistent scout dogs.

After Ray, Ake, and Skerchock had gone to bed, the dogs gathered around the embers of the dying fire.

Ray and Ake, surrounded by the rest of the team, walked down the steep incline, careful not to lose their footing.