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Answer for the clue "Nitrogenous: Comb. form ", 3 letters:

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Aza may refer to: A Hebrew romanization for: Gaza Gaza Strip Aza (Kanji: 字), a village or town section in the Japanese addressing system Azadkənd, Nakhchivan , Azerbaijan Aza, Azerbaijan Aźa, a Tibetan name for the Tuyuhun Kingdom the prefix aza- , indicating ...

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n. (context chemistry English) Used attributively for a nitrogen atom substituted for a carbon atom within a ring

Usage examples of aza.

All the tunics and shirts looked a bit expensive to the youth, and he would have really preferred wool, but Aza seemed to insist.

Tiger-man withdrew to his own chamber, but not before Aza whispered loudly to Leif.

He saw Aza behind one of the pillars, his face utterly serious and eyes cold.