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Answer for the clue "Leaky, in Lübeck", 4 letters:

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Leck may refer to:slang for leak

Usage examples of leck.

Privv and Leck came to communicate with one another as they did is not known.

Whatever Leck was reacting to, her response was threatening to overwhelm him utterly.

The image was gone as suddenly as it had materialized, but he was aware of Leck screaming abusively and tumbling off the windowsill, while he himself was falling off his chair.

Hefting it, he asked the question that Leck had posed to Privv earlier.

A wave of deep sadness from the cat passed over him, but before he could react, he felt Leck deliberately withdrawing from him.

Privv pondered long and hard about her observation, this being so serious a matter, but by the time Leck had finished stretching, he had decided to include it.

And, for some reason, terrifyingly, Leck was gone, although he was faintly aware of her scratching and screaming in some place unknowable.

Vredech also confided that he needed to learn what he could about his strange and uncontrollable gift and the part that Leck had played in it.

Since Glat was the owner, and Torf a mere programmer, Leck decided that Glat would give himself the higher number.

After all, if Leck could penetrate the Glat Archive, getting into Krax’s home, which was secure, but no more or less so than the average Ferengi citizen’s house, would be child’s play.