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Answer for the clue "Beginning, to Burns ", 6 letters:

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Etymology 1 vb. (context intransitive rare English) To arrive; come to; come on. Etymology 2 n. 1 advent, arrival, approach; onset 2 The commencement or initial stages of a business, especially of one which requires great exertion. 3 The setting about of ...

Usage examples of oncome.

Beritte thrust her hands out as she stumbled out of her chair, the feeble wind sprites she had collected slowing the oncoming steam enough to allow her to flee.

Tavi felt his uncle shove at him with his hip as he turned, and fell away and to one side, Bernard between him and the oncoming horror.

She felt his weary heart, the bone-deep ache of his limbs, the terrifying cold of oncoming death.

Instead, she gathered Cirrus beneath her and sent herself hurtling up toward the oncoming litters.

She had to stop and close her eyes for a moment, before lifting them to the oncoming horde again.

She lifted her hand again, focusing on the oncoming horde, searching through their ranks for one who might be their leader.

The spikes spread, as though they were tendrils sprung from some deadly vines beneath the surface of the wall, and raced out over the ground before the walls as well, rippling into place like blades of grass growing all in an instant, their gleaming tips pointing out at the oncoming horde.

The spray of crystal struck the left side of the oncoming barbarians, and the riders disintegrated into a pinkish spray.

Alucius kept low in the saddle as he guided his mount toward a slight gap in the oncoming line, aiming at the left side of an eastern trooper.

Alucius returned the nod and turned Wildebeast slightly to the right, in order to avoid an oncoming wagon.

Mike knew, from what Mackay and Lennox had told him, that if Tilly himself and his entire army had been here, the oncoming tercio would have been one of sixteen or seventeen such units.

Grantville passed by the town, on their way to confront the oncoming mercenaries.

Jeff and Larry Wild spotted the oncoming mercenaries through their binoculars.

A pair of binoculars were slung around her neck, but at the moment she was studying the oncoming mercenaries through an M49 spotting scope.

The oncoming mercenary soldiers were already entering the meadow, and in plain view.