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Answer for the clue ""Au Revoir ___ Enfants," 1987 Malle film", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word les

Broadway's "_____ Miz"

Gene Kelly's "_____ Girls"

Bandleader Brown

Cocteau's "_____ enfants terribles"

"_____ Miserables"

Bandman Brown

Guitarist _____ Paul


French article

Article in France Soir

Late Cabinet Secretary Aspin

Arles article

"___ Girls" (Kelly musical)

Nice article

"___ Miserables"

"___ Miz"

Brown of renown


___ Cayes, Haiti

"___ CompГЁres" (1984 film)

Late Secretary Aspin

Former Sec. Aspin

"WKRP" character

Bandleader Baxter

Guitarist Paul

Start of many French titles

"___ MisГ©rables"

Baxter of the swing era

Juan-___-Pins (Riviera resort)

Guitar innovator Paul

"___ Enfants Terrible"

1984 film "___ CompГЁres"

Guitar master Paul

"___ Girls"

Berlioz's "___ Nuits"

With 3-Down, destination of some French emigrants

___ Г‰tats-Unis

Brown with His Band of Renown

Poulenc ballet "___ Biches"

Г‰vian-___-Bains, France

Paul or Brown

Kelly's "___ Girls"

With 79-Down, a B'way hit

Article at the Louvre

Aix-___-Bains, France

Strasbourg article

Meyerbeer's "___ Huguenots"

With 107-Down, Westerner with an oxymoronic-sounding name buried on Boot Hill

Guitar great ___ Paul

"___ Adieux," a Beethoven 51-Across

Article that may go with berets

Article in a French magazine

Berlioz's "___ Troyens"

Baudelaire's "___ fleurs du mal"

___ Paul guitars

Guitar great Paul

Parisian article

"___ Girls" (Gene Kelly movie)

Former defense secretary Aspin

"___ Liaisons Dangereuses"

___ Moulins, QuГ©bec

Mystery novelist Roberts

"___ Girls" (1957 musical)

___ Halles, old Parisian market

Thonon-___-Bains, France

Good name for a minimalist?

The, abroad

"___ Diaboliques"

Paris's ___ Invalides

Un article dГ©fini

"Au Revoir, ___ Enfants"

Guitar pioneer Paul

"___ Sylphides" (ballet)

"WKRP in Cincinnati" role

College football coach Miles

Louvre article?

Plural of "la" and "le"

Liszt's "___ PrГ©ludes"

___ Brown and His Band of Renown

"Au Revoir, ___ Enfants" (1987 film)

Longtime 25-Across president Moonves


Brown with the Band of Renown

Article in Paris Match

Article in L'Express

Article in the Louvre?

Louis Malle's "___ Amants"

The Parisian?

Article in French papers

"___ Girls," 1957 musical comedy

"___ Jeunes de Paris" (recurring "S.N.L." sketch)

Alsatian article

___ Paul (classic guitar)

TV exec Moonves

"___ Justes" (Albert Camus play)

Montemezzi opera "L'Amore dei ___ Re"

Issy-___-Moulineaux, France

Media exec Moonves

Tous ___ jours (daily: Fr.)

WKRP's Nessman

Die, across the Rhine

89-Across, in France

The French?

___ Echos (French daily)

Relative of "die"

"___ Mis"


Un article d


"Liszt's "___ Pr"

"___ Comp"

"1984 film "___ Comp"

Author Whitten

"___ Girls," Kelly movie

A Paul with pluck

Aspin or Brown

Defense Secretary Aspin

Mary Ford's Paul

Bandleader Elgart

Brown or Elgart

"___ Girls," 1957 Gene Kelly film

Congressman AuCoin

___ Paul and Mary Ford

___ Cayes, Haitian seaport

___ Arcs, French ski resort

Figaro article

Orchestra leader Baxter

Late Defense Sec. Aspin

Article on Mont Blanc

_____ Lilas (Paris suburb)

French plural article

___ Paul, popular guitarist

Brown or Paul

Musician Brown

"___ Misérables": Hugo

Musical Brown

A Brown of renown

Rep. Aspin of Wisconsin

___ Cayes, city in Haiti

Actor Tremayne


"___ Préludes": Liszt

Article, in Amiens

Crane or Brown

CBS's Moonves

"___ Troyens": Berlioz

He led the "Band of Renown"

Hugo's "___ Misérables"

"Sous ___ Toits de Paris"

Bandsman Brown

A bandleader for Doris

French pronoun

"___ Filles de Cadiz"

Brown of the Band of Renown

Gallic article

Word definitions for les in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Les \Les\ (l[e^]s), n. A leash. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. (context slang colloquial English) (form of Short form lesbian English) alt. (context slang colloquial English) (form of Short form lesbian English) n. (context slang colloquial English) (form of Short form lesbian English)

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
LES may refer to: Lake-effect snow Large eddy simulation , mathematical modelling of turbulence Launch Entry Suit , worn by Space Shuttle crews Launch Escape System , for spacecraft emergencies Law Enforcement Sensitive , type of sensitive information used...

Usage examples of les.

La foule encombrait les abords du Palais-Bourbon, saluant de ses acclamations et des cris de Vive la Charte!

Saint Adjutor combla le gouffre en y jetant les chaines dont naguere il avait ete charge injustement par les infideles.

Apres dix-sept ans de travaux et de combats, Adjutor de Vernon fut pris par les Turcs, et enferme dans Jerusalem.

Copeaux regardait en sifflant tourner les ailes travailleuses de son moulin.

Il medite en son ame innocente les catastrophes qui frappent les grands et les forts.

Paradis terrestre etait un jardin tres agreable, avec de beaux arbres et tous les animaux de la creation.

Le cri des grillons dechirait le grand silence de la nuit, et la lune levee au-dessus des arbres argentait les allees du parc desert.

La veille du dimanche des brandons, les habitants des campagnes se rendent le soir dans les champs et se promenent sous les arbres avec des falots en chantant quelque vieille invocation.

Traversons la petite ville, ce sera fait en cinq minutes, et allons nous asseoir sous les grands arbres tailles en muraille du parc de Bizi.

That would put it just behind the Hotel Les Armures, where Marissa and I had once stayed in better days, before we were married.

Tom Harkness, Henry Ruess, Patricia Schroeder, Les Aspin, Ted Weiss, Don Edwards, Barbara Mikulski, Mary Rose Oakar, Ronald Dellums and Peter Rodino.

President Clinton nominated Inman to replace Les Aspin as secretary of defense.

In Salt Lake City, I made my case to the National Guard Convention, where I was well received, because my reputation for leading the Arkansas National Guard was good, and because I was introduced by Congressman Les Aspin, the respected chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

With congressional defeat inevitable, Les Aspin worked with Colin Powell and the Joint Chiefs on a compromise.

Ovide, Tibulle, Properce, pour ne nommer que les plus connus, Dante, Petrarque, Boccace, tous ces auteurs Italiens qui deje souillaient les ames et ruinaient les moeurs, en creant ou perfectionnant la langue.