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Answer for the clue "Defeated Amendment", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word era

Historical span

Big Band _____

Gay Nineties, e.g.

Time of importance

Golden time

Proposal of 3/22/72

Big Band, e.g.

70's and 80's cause

Reconstruction, for one

Baseball stat

The 90's, e.g.

Paleozic, e.g.

Memorable period

Historical time

Gaslight, for one

Chronological division

Bygone cause

Newsworthy time

Timeline division

Baseball stat.

Bygone pol. cause

Cenozoic, e.g.

Mesozoic, e.g.

Victorian, for one

Proposal defeated in 1982

Historical period

Mesozoic or Paleozoic

Time in history

Period in history

Elizabethan ___

Christian ___

Notable time

Two or more periods

Big Band ___

Period of history

Memorable time

Time to remember

Pitching stat.

Baseball figure

Stat. that's good when low

Detergent brand

Great time

Pitchers want it low

Fab competitor

Stage of history

Laundry room brand

Cause that NOW championed

One of the history books

Procter & Gamble detergent

70's-80's pol. cause

Stat for Christy Mathewson

Oxydol competitor

Roman or Greek, e.g.

Former polit. cause

Procter & Gamble brand

The Roaring Twenties, e.g.

Quite some time

Particular time

Time frame

Tide rival

Old polit. cause


Time piece?

"___ Yes!" (old political placard)

Tide alternative

Important period

Brand at the laundromat

Depression ___

Roaring Twenties, e.g.

Pitcher's stat

Stat for Maddux

Prohibition ___

Victorian ___

Stat for Clemens

Koufax's was 2.76

1970's-80's cause

Horse-and-buggy ___

Gaslight ___

The Thatcher years, e.g., in Britain

Laundry detergent brand

One for the history books

Failed 70's-80's polit. cause

Part of B.C.E.

Slice of history

Common ___

All alternative

Paleozoic, for one

Ruth's was 2.28

___ of Good Feeling

Big name in home selling

Stat that's good when it's low

Baseball card stat

Big name in real estate

Old NOW cause

Oft-nicknamed period

Pitcher's stat.


Significant stretch

Diamond stat

Prohibition ___ (1920-33)

Notable period

It contains periods

Big time

Stat that's good when under 3.00

Big time?

Dash competitor

Unit of geologic time

Chapter in history

Hoped-for low number: Abbr.

Quod ___ faciendum

Archeozoic, e.g.

1970's-80's cause, for short

Gay 90's, e.g.

Piece of history

Coldwell Banker competitor

Silent ___ (time before the talkies)

Block of time

An earlier one may be recalled


Group of periods

Tide competitor

See 35-Across

Hurler's stat

Time worth noting

Period of years

End of an ___

Diamond stat.

Memorable age

Low no. for Roger Clemens

The Roosevelt years, e.g.

The Clinton years, e.g.

Tom Seaver's 2.86, e.g.

Koufax stat.

Grand time

Time gone by

Soviet ___

Nostalgia elicitor

The Sixties, e.g.

Historical topic

Stat that's better when lower

Span of time

Disco ___

Mound stat

Popular laundry detergent

The 80's, say

Pitching stat

Chapter of history

Historic period

Several periods

Significant period

It should be low on a diamond

Historic time

Large time piece?

Bygone polit. cause

Important time

Period piece

Low fig. for Randy Johnson

Long time

Generation or more

Colonial ___

Progressive ___

Cheer competitor

Constitutional proposal first introduced in Cong. in 1923

Neolithic ___

All competitor

Geologist's time

Reliever's stat

The 50's, e.g.

Historical division

A no. that's good when under 3.00

Years of note

Hurler's stat.

Stat. for Pedro Martinez

Chronology component

Noteworthy time

Span of history

Sizable duration

Unratified proposal, briefly

Hurler’s stat.

Time piece

Century 21 alternative


Temporal stretch

Big real estate firm

Century 21 competitor

The Wild West was one

It may have periods

Eisenhower years, e.g.

Decade or so

Division of history

Sports stat that's best when low

Distinctive time

Period to remember


American Depression, e.g.

Cold war ___

History segment

It's low for aces: Abbr.

Reconstruction, e.g.

Historical chapter

Time worth remembering

Silent ___

Significant time


Stat for Warren Spahn: Abbr.

Long stretch

1970s polit. cause

Chronology segment

___ of Good Feelings

A pitcher should keep it low

History text unit

Bush ___

Stat for Gooden or Maddux

Its end is often observed

No. that should be as low as possible

Legis. introduced into every session of Congress from 1923 to 1970


Big slice of history

Period piece?

Long, long time

Geologic time

Prohibition, e.g.

Children's doctor?

Stat for a reliever

Procter & Gamble's first liquid laundry detergent

Paleozoic, e.g.

___ of Good Feelings, 1817-25

Disco or swing follower

Time for the history books

Procter & Gamble laundry brand

Noted period

Cenozoic or Mesozoic

Never-ratified women-related measure, for short

A pitcher should have a low one, in brief

Stat for Seaver or Santana

Time on earth

Mesozoic ___

Good thing to keep low on a diamond

Good fig. for Maddux or Martinez

NOW political cause, once

Historical stretch

Tudor ___

Big Band ___ (1930s-'40s)

Post-PC ___

Long reign, e.g.

Onetime feminist cause, for short

Ballpark fig.

The Depression, e.g.

Long reign, say

Word after many presidents' names

History topic

Laundry day brand

The "E" in B.C.E.

Cy Young's was 2.63, in brief

Ace's stat

Geology topic

Disco ___ (1970s)

Prohibition, for one

Unsuccessful '70s-'80s cause

Detergent name

Post-Civil War Reconstruction, e.g.

A simpler one may be recalled

Steroid ___ (1990s-early 2000s, in baseball)

A low one is best, for short

Classical ___

Alternative to Century 21

Bush ___ (early 2000s)

Big factor in the Cy Young Award

Span of a ruler, maybe

15-Across backward

Disco '70s, e.g.

Notable time period

Time of one's life?

Reagan ___ (most of the 1980s)

Time past

Follower of Bush or Clinton

Span of attention?

Historical interval

Follower of Johnson or Kennedy

Laundry detergent with Oxi Booster

Timeline segment

A good one is under 3.00, in brief

A retirement party might toast the end of one

Cy Young Award consideration

New ___ (official cap maker of Major League Baseball)

Alternative to All

Wisk competitor

Long presidential term, perhaps

Geological span

Baseball's steroid ___

What a shutout lowers, for short

Political period

The George W. Bush years, e.g.

Measure opposed by Phyllis Schlafly, for short

Period sometimes named after a president

Long span

Competitor of All

1970s political cause, for short

The Depression, for one

Baseball's dead-ball ___

Time remembered

A low one is good in baseball, in brief


Competitor of Tide

Internet ___ (what we live in)

A pitcher wants a low one, for short

Stat for Jon Lester

Paleozoic or Mesozoic

Internet ___

Time of one's life, maybe

One-third of pitching's Triple Crown, for short

Reagan has one named for him

Monarch's reign, perhaps

A pitching ace has a low one, in brief

Napoleonic ___

A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event


Mundane or Macedonian

Julian, e.g.

Rights proposal: Abbr.

Time period

Controversial amendment

Roman or Greek

Day or many days

Proposed 27th Amendment

Stat for Gossage

NOW concern

Seaver's stat.

NOW's concern

Stat for Fingers

Controversial initials


Mayan, e.g.

Procter & Gamble's first liquid laundry detergent

Procter & Gamble laundry brand

Noted time

An objective of NOW

Failed NOW goal

NOW aim


Stat for Saberhagen

NOW cause

Mayan or Mundane

Period or stat

NOW's cause

Memorable period (3)

Edwardian, e.g.

NOW's time frame?

Period of note

Jazz, for one

Victorian, e.g.

Nolan Ryan stat

Stat for Gooden

A goal of NOW

Monroe's ___ of Good Feeling

Point in time

Stat. for Dr. K


Darling stat.

Failed amendment

Victorian or Edwardian

Storied age

Augustan, e.g.

Cenozoic or Archeozoic

Mauve Decade, e.g.

Failed Const. addition

Distinctive period

The Jurassic, e.g.

Stat for Viola

Feminist pitcher's concern?

Stat for Jack Morris

"The ___ of Wonderful Nonsense": Pegler

Mesozoic or Cenozoic

Julian or Varro

Concern for Hershiser

NOW's legislation concern

Christian, for one

The Eisenhower years, e.g.

Procter & Gamble brand

Proposed Const. amendment


Vulgar, e.g.

It's urged by NOW

Period of time

Historian's concern

Guidry stat.

Legislation backed by N.O.W.

Christian or Vulgar

NOW goal

Procter & Gamble detergent

Time of the past

Feminist measure

Chunk of history

Stat for Greg Maddux

History chapter

Roman, for one

Important interval

70's-80's political cause

Important time period

NOW objective

Time span

Cause supported by Maureen Reagan

A goal for NOW

Horse and buggy, e.g.

Carlton's important stat.

Stat for Nolan Ryan

Feminist's concern, for short

Cy Young Award stat

Particular period

Stage of a sort

Feminist's cause, for short

Stat for Guidry

Antiochian or Augustan

Caesarean or Alexandrian

Mesozoic, for one

Gooden stat

Low stat for Frank Viola

An interest of NOW

Caesarean or Augustan

"Good Feeling" time

Issue for NOW

NOW members' aim

Actian or Augustan

Amendment backed by NOW

Cenozoic or Paleozoic

Lib cause

Stat on a sports page

Roman or Persian

Proposal for the Const.

Paleozoic ___

Initials in the news

Proposed amendment: Abbr.

Concern of an A.L. or N.L. pitcher

Archeozoic or Proterozoic

Monroe enjoyed one

Part of Q.E.D.

Christian or Caesarean

Steinem or Seaver concern: Abbr.

Stat for Seaver

Geological period

Christian or Roman

Stage in history

Time of "Good Feeling"


Proposed amendment, for short

Levenson's "In One ___ . . . "

Southpaw's stat

The Big Band ___

Victorian or Vulgar

Time division

Group of memorable yesterdays

Feminists' concern: Abbr.

Eventful years

Victorian or Napoleonic

Stat. for Steve Carlton

Waylaid amendment

It's backed by NOW

Paleozoic or Victorian

Lost cause for NOW?

Seaver stat.

A fixed point in time

Stat that may be "adjusted"

___ of Good Feeling: 1817-24

NOW's goal

Cenozoic is one

Feminists' goal

Babylonian or Caesarean

Proposal before the states

Stat of interest to Catfish

Time interval

Caesarean or Actian

Feminists' bill

Controversial issue's initials

Letters for equality

Pitching record: Abbr.

What NOW wants now

Stat for Doc Medich

Greek or Roman

NOW'S political cause

Gaslight, e.g.

Feminist amdt.

Mayan or Roman

Iffy Const. amendment

Distinctive time period

Roman or Christian

Stat. for Roger McDowell

When it's low, it's good

Word definitions for era in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES be/mark the end of an era (= be the end of a period of time in history that is known for a particular event, or for particular qualities ) ▪ The principal’s death marked the end of an era at the college. Christian era...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Era \E"ra\, n.; pl. Eras . [LL. aera an era, in earlier usage, the items of an account, counters, pl. of aes, aeris, brass, money. See Ore .] A fixed point of time, usually an epoch, from which a series of years is reckoned. The foundation of Solomon's...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A time period of indeterminate length, generally more than one year.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1716, earlier aera (1610s), from Late Latin aera , era "an era or epoch from which time is reckoned" (7c.), probably identical with Latin aera "counters used for calculation," plural of aes (genitive aeris ) "brass, copper, money" (see ore , also compare...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event [syn: epoch ] a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods [syn: geological era ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
ERA is the abbreviation of:

Usage examples of era.

Ascending current of Eros, the moral freedom Kant offered was absolutely exhilarating to the entire era.

Era Capitu, que nos espreitara desde algum tempo, por dentro da veneziana, e agora abrira inteiramente a janela, e aparecEra.

Roman era my task consisted of stifling the revolt in Judaea and bringing back from the Orient, without too great loss, an ailing army.

Siccio, quel fedelissimo ed amoroso servo che lo aveva raccolto bambino, salvato e nutrito con tanto affetto, era morto ed avea, pria di morire, trasmesso al cardinale F.

E Silvio era generoso davvero e amava ancora la sua disgraziata Camilla.

Camilla conservava ancora qualche cosa di solenne, resto dello stato di demenza in cui era rimasta tanto tempo, ma pure era tornata in senno.

Gente armata dovunque allo sbocco di ogni uscita del sotterraneo era il meno che si poteva aspettare di trovare tardando.

These people were apt to appear at the auberge in the guise of Tarzan or Crusoe or Pocahontas or Rima, or else costumed as throwbacks to every conceivable Old World era and culture.

SENZANOME che aveva visto, non me, solo un bianco qualsiasi che da quel locale non era mai passato.

The gun was a larger caliber than was used in biathlon competition in the modern era, but it was the rifle Julie preferred for hunting.

Until the spirit of the new era reached the Rationing Board and moved them to reconsider the plight of such as Boa, it would not be possible to return her to the dismal wards of the First National Flightpaths annex.

Dentato era messo alla tortura mattina e sera per strappargli di bocca la delazione dei complici!

In the era of Big Science, breakthrough technical papers were more likely to carry dozens and dozens of coauthors.

Those lucky, I simpler times were bygone with the era of upward mobility, of rising divorce rates and single-parent homes.

Her old friend was moving away from bygone eras, talking of the present.