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Answer for the clue ""The ___ Curse": Hammett", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word dain

Hammett's "The ___ Curse"

"The ___ Curse," Hammett yarn

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Dain is a name for male people. Dáin or Dain can refer to: In Norse mythology: Dáin , a dwarf. Co-creator of the mechanical swine Hildisvini ; probable forger of the sword Dáinsleif ; he is also mentioned in the dwarf list in some versions of Völuspá ....

Usage examples of dain.

Child Byar, but, as I must often tell my son, Dain, overzealousness can be a grievous fault.

Dain, which meant his only reasonable course of action was to keep Dain as close and as clueless as possible until new opportunities presented themselves.

And the unnerving sense of being followed by something dark and angry that never went away had burst forth now and again to scare the hell of Cyd so badly she had to call Dain on the phone to come over and sit with her.

Dain as a prince of Nether, Mandrian prejudice against the eldin grew from deep roots, fostered by the Reformed Church.

Dain told his protector, and stared at the silent, hostile eldin around him.

Their eldin riders exchanged glances and called out sharply in a language Dain did not understand.

He asked a question in the eldin dialect that Dain did not understand.

Dain glanced around at the handful of eldin looking on, then turned his frown on the nearby dwellings.

Fairlight flickered from the fingertips, and Dain dared not look closely enough to see if they were real eldin hands or just carved ones.

Dain wondered if such shrines were to be found in upper Mandria and Nold as well.

Dain grinned a little to himself, and from the corner of his eye watched the dust motes dancing in the sunlight that streamed down through the oculus window overhead.

Dain about it, but his old team leader was pretty much persona non grata in Ops these days and frequenting the same downtown corner market was as close as JB dared get.

Dain retched up his breakfast and managed to roll himself over away from it.

Looking flustered, he glanced from Dain to Lord Roberd, who rode up to them and lifted his visor.

Lord Roberd lifted his hand, but by then Dain had tackled the king and knocked him to the ground.