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Ela fez que sim e olhou sorrindo para a mulher dele e, depois, para os filhos.

Tatziu, ainda um tanto perturbado, comentou: - Ela deve cantar sempre assim.

Abracei-a e ela me disse com a voz espremida: - Chegou a hora, Tatziu!

Sheena had told him of her past, Rick reasoned that Ebid Ela had at one time been Mateyenda of the Lunda kingdom, and that the old woman had bequeathed her high office to the white foster-child she had cared for from infancy.

Eu a olhava de vez em quando, mas ela ficou um bom tempo sem olhar para mim.

Ela continuou acariciando os meus genitais sob a sunga, excitando-me muito.

Ela and Novinha had already developed several new versions of the chemical, so that the next time the descolada adapted to one viricide they could switch immediately to another.

This time, though, the descolada had been killed within him by the viricide bacterium he had helped Ela devise.

Ela and her assistants simply brought several hundred sugar cubes impregnated with the viricide bacterium, and as many vials of solution containing the recolada.

Menksur men call it, but in heaven it hath a more dreadful name: Ela Mantissera, which is to say, the Bed of the Mantichores.

All day they heard the roaring of mantichores from the desolate flanks of Ela Mantissera that showed now no longer as a pyramid but as a long-backed screen, making the southern rampart of that valley.

He pointed at Balder and Ela, that was the name Toli had given his horse, and then he pointed at the smith and then again at the stable yard.

Levei um belo esporro, depois ela quis saber se eu tinha usado camisinha.

Everyone watching over his shoulder, Free French plotting revenge on Vichy traitors, Lublin Communists drawing beads on Varsovian shadow-ministers, ELAS Greeks stalking royalists, unrepatriable dreamers of all languages hoping through will, fists, prayer to bring back kings, republics, pretenders, summer anarchisms that perished before the first crops were in .

So they searched for an ascent, and found at last a spot where the glacier swelled higher, a mile or less from the western shoulder of Ela Mantissera.