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Answer for the clue "Wheel parts ", 4 letters:

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acr. cost of goods sold

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COGS , used as an acronym, may refer to: Cost of goods sold - an accountancy metric Shepparton, Victoria or City of Greater Shepparton Community Online Gaming Service, a gaming platform connecting to GameArena Community of Genoa Schools sports teams, see...

Usage examples of cogs.

The trading ships and cogs, the whaling boats pass over the rot of other craft.

I got the idiotic notion that it was happily digesting a mess of cogs, pinions and wheels.

With a ferocious swing he demolished the glass, with a fierce thrust he shattered the assembly of wheels and cogs behind.

We distributed several small cogs, a few clock wheels, several camera fitments, some small, tangled bunches of copper wire, and other attractive oddments.

He guessed by the cut of their shape that they were the small cargo ships and cogs that plied the River Chion-thar.

It smelled of lubricating oil, the blood of tyrant lizards with cogs and wheels for teeth, which lay strewn and silent in the dark waiting.

Most of the days were bright and breezy, and the cogs, coasters, and carracks made good time toward the free city of Telflamm.

The piers were filled to capacity with cogs and carracks, which were being unladen by longshoremen.

You see, the Iron Hands are a new thing, idiomatically national, with a single definite purpose, while the others are only cogs in an international machine.

Four servants came forward, two carrying a clockwork man of polished brass and steel, the other two a huge and heavy box full of cogs, pins, hooks, fastenersand most curiously of all, a large chessboard of alternating brass and steel squares.

Nowell, yes, that one will do, if you find me two more cogs just like this one in the box.

Servants came from behind the dais with another half-assembled goliwak, this of steel and bright copper, with pink slippers on its feet, a stiff skirt about its waist, and another huge wooden box of cogs, bits, pieces, screws, ends, and fittings.

Chains swing deadweight like useless limbs, snapping into zombie motion where cogs engage and flywheels turn.

Compared to them, the egalitarian Godmech Cogs were a harmless sect, even if their belief in the mechanicity of One True God was aggressively asserted.

They fumbled with levers embedded in their integral backpacks, setting in motion some powerful, hidden engine that dragged them off the streets and into the air as the belt-pulley turned, its powerful cogs interlocking and hauling the dark, bulky figures back up into the belly of their airship.