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n. (plural of brig English)

Usage examples of brigs.

The brigs turned where the shoals marked the limit of Cap Ferrat and were swallowed in the rising sea and the squalls of rain.

The black-hulled lugger, instead of obeying the brigs command to lower sails and proceed tamely into the harbour of St Jean de Luz, had changed her course.

Bampfylde roared the order in the confines of the dining-room as though the brigs skipper might hear him.

Men ran on its deck, and gunports lifted, but the American lugger was seething past the brigs unarmed counter and Sharpe saw the dirty white blossom of gunsmoke as the small broadside was poured, at pistol-shot length, into the British ship.

The sound of the American gunfire came over the wind-broken water like a growl of thunder, then the lugger was spinning about, sails rippling as the American skipper let his speed carry him through the winds eye, until, taut on the opposite tack, he headed back past the brigs counter towards the fleet of chasse-marees.

The American carried five guns on each flank, small guns, but their shot punctured the brigs Bermudan cedar to spread death down the packed deck.

Two of the brigs guns punched smoke into the cold wind, but the American had judged his action well and the brig dared fire no more for fear of hitting the chasse-marees into which, like a wolf let rip into a flock, the American sailed.

Her sails were reefed, but even so she seemed to plunge through the waves and Lassan saw how high the spray fountained from the brigs stem.

Bampfylde was not sure he believed Killicks story that the Thuella was stranded, stripped, and useless, but tomorrow the brigs could search the Bassin dArcachon and make certain.

The continued existence of the American privateer, even if grounded and abandoned, was a nuisance, but it was palliated by Bampfyldes success in having found two splendid French brigs that were both now his prizes and already on their way to England.

If the two brigs covered Killicks land-battery with gunfire, then the Marines could go in with powder barrels, pitch-blende, and Chinese lights to torch the Thuella down to charred ribs.

The brigs sidesmen twittered their pipes, the anchor was lifted, and Lieutenant Martin ordered sheets hauled tight.

The bridge, guarded by a fleet of brigs, was a miracle of engineering.

Her grasp of detail quickly winnowed the clutter of merchant brigs: the slipshod ones with their sails tied in gaskets, and others run by more rigorous captains, rolling neat at their moorings with yardarms varnished and stripped.

The closely kept plans drawn up for his three-masted brigs lay unrolled on broad trestles, weighted at the comers with gray, rounded rocks from the river bottom.