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Answer for the clue "Not outwardly ", 4 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Inly \In"ly\, adv. Internally; within; in the heart. ``Whereat he inly raged.'' --Milton.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. (context obsolete English) inward; interior; secret. adv. 1 (context now rare English) inwardly, within; internally; secretly. 2 (context obsolete English) heartily, completely, fully, thoroughly; extremely.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English inlice "internally; sincerely;" see in + -ly (2).

Usage examples of inly.

Of his rent heart so hard and cold a creed Had seared with blistering ice--but he misdeems That he is wise, whose wounds do only bleed Inly for self,--thus thought the Iberian Priest indeed, 11.

Bred a Roman Catholic, though pride, consistency, custom, made me externally adhere to the Papal Church, I inly perceived its errors and smiled at its superstitions.

And those two froward sisters, their faire louesCame with them eke, all were they wondrous loth,And fained cheare, as for the time behoues,But could not colour yet so well the troth,But that their natures bad appeard in both:For both did at their second sister grutch,And inly grieue, as doth an hidden mothThe inner garment fret, not th'vtter touch.

Which when as Archimago heard, his griefeHe knew right well, and him attonce disarmd:Then searcht his secret wounds, and made a priefeOf euery place, that was with brusing harmd,Or with the hidden fire too inly warmd.

But Scudamour now woxen inly glad,That all his gealous feare he false had found,And how that Hag his loue abused hadWith breach of faith and loyaltie vnsound,The which long time his grieued hart did wound,He thus bespake.

When so he heard her say, eftsoones he brakeHis sodaine silence, which he long had pent,And sighing inly deepe, her thus bespake.

And if she hapt of any good to heare,That had to any happily betid,Then would she inly fret, and grieue, and teareHer flesh for felnesse, which she inward hid:But if she heard of ill, that any did,Or harme, that any had, then would she makeGreat cheare, like one vnto a banquet bid.

Wherewith though wondrous wroth, and inly burning,To be auenged for so fowle a deede,Yet being forst to abide the daies returning,She there remain'd, but with right wary heede,Least any more such practise should proceede.

Which when I red, my heart did inly earne,And pant with hope of that aduentures hap:Ne stayed further newes thereof to learne,But with my speare vpon the shield did rap,That all the castle ringed with the clap.

And in the way he with Sir Guyon met,Accompanyde with Phædria the faire,Eftsoones he gan to rage, and inly fret,Crying, Let be that Ladie debonaire,Thou recreant knight, and soone thy selfe prepaireTo battell, if thou meane her loue to gaine:Loe, loe alreadie, how the fowles in aireDoe flocke, awaiting shortly to obtaineThy carcasse for their pray, the guerdon of thy paine.

At length most of the ladies being gone off, one hither, another thither, as they do in such places, leaving Catella and a few others with Ricciardo, he tossed at Catella a light allusion to a certain love of her husband Filippello, which threw her at once into such a fit of jealousy, that she inly burned with a vehement desire to know what Ricciardo meant.

When he saw that it contained nought but coals, he did not suspect Guccio Balena of playing the trick, for he knew that he was not clever enough, nor did he curse him, that his carelessness had allowed another to play it, but he inly imprecated himself, that he had committed his things to the keeping of one whom he knew to be "negligent and disobedient, reckless and witless.