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Population (2000): 11 Housing Units (2000): 21 Land area (2000): 5.016641 sq. miles (12.993040 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 5.016641 sq. miles (12.993040 sq. km) FIPS code: 78792 Located within: California...

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Tobin (Gaelic; Tóibín , from the Norman surname; de St. Aubyn) is a surname or given name, of Norman-French origin and may refer to:

Usage examples of tobin.

The hasu Tobin fell back, his hands shaking and his face paler than before, so pale that the brown age spots on his shaven scalp stood out as if painted in the shuddering torchlight.

Ki hauled down the covers and showed Tobin a brown spot on his right hip the size of a man's thumbprint.

Tobin, the care-taker, was murdered, and the thieves got away with seven thousand pounds.

Slowly uncurling his cramped body, Tobin rolled to face the wall and pulled the rag doll out of his tunic.

Tobin saw with an unpleasant start that one of the equerries was none other than Moriel the Toad.

Tobin was there waiting for him, sitting on a large stone, face par- tially hidden by the cheek guards of his helm.

It's all a great gaming board we're on, and the stake over on the side is Atyion and all the other lands and riches that Tobin holds.

Tobin turned the little figure over in his hands, thinking of all the times his father had brought out the glue pot and pieced it back together after one of Brother's attacks.

Tobin didn't know what to make of that, except that he already liked him better than Lord Orun, who was currently being helped out from under the table by his servants.

But if Tobin decided she approved of Hollis, she would do everything in her considerable powers to facilitate the match.

Tobin reached out automatically and plucked the three of hearts, then the six of spades, and then the king of clubs, from midair.

Tobin grabbed at the older boy's arm as Ki fought to untie the lacings at his throat.

Nari had taken to the lanky, fair-haired man the day she met him, and liked him all the better for the way his face lit up the first time he saw Tobin in his father’.

Only Pol, Tobin, and Sionell met the morning with enthusiasm, and once Ruala understood why they asked what they asked, she laughed, too, and set herself and Maara and Jihan the task of gathering up every suitable piece of white pottery in the keep.

Brother Tobin may've said `any time,' but I doubt he'll really be pleased to see me if I get there after midnight!