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Answer for the clue "N African garment ", 4 letters:

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Haik may refer to: Haik Hovsepian Mehr (1945–1994), Iranian martyr Hayk , legendary founder of Armenia Haik, Iran , a village in Yazd Province, Iran Hayq, Ethiopia , a town in northern Ethiopia Haïk , a type of veil used in Algeria Katherine Haik , Miss ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth; worn by men and women in northern Africa [syn: haick ]

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n. A covering for the head and body worn by Arabs.

Usage examples of haik.

A colorful town, thought Haik when she arrived, made even more colorful by the many plants in pots.

In her last years, the old potter became confused and wandered out of her house, looking for long-drowned relatives or clay, though she had turned clay digging over to Haik a decade before.

But no one except Haik used it to explain the objects in the Tulwar cliffs.

In lantern light, Haik could see the silver fur was dappled with small, dim spots.

She was forty when Haik met her, the first woman to train as an actor and the first person to assemble an acting company made of women.

Peering forward, Haik made out the buildings of Hu Town: white and blue, with red or green roofs.

There were potted trees in the courtyard: skyflower and starflower and a kind Haik did not recognize, which had silver-blue leaves and frilly, bright yellow flowers.

They seemed marvelous to Haik, moving not quickly, but very steadily, their shaggy bodies swaying with each step.

This was possible, though it seemed to Haik that most people were attracted to difference.

Could a person like Haik, living in a far-back era, come so near the idea of genes?

Unknown in Tulwar, it was common on the plain, though Haik had not noticed it till now.

Their ship stopped at Tulwar to let off Haik and take on potted trees.

Others, like Haik, bit through to the pit, enjoying the combination of sweetness and bitterness.

So Haik made more pots and collected more fossils, saying nothing about her theory, till Dapple arrived late in fall.

Ettin bought all the pots Haik had, Taiin picking out one with special care.