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Answer for the clue "Dutch painter of "The Quack"", 4 letters:

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Laar is a community in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim in Lower Saxony . The community’s name comes from the Old Dutch for “glade in the woods”.

Usage examples of laar.

Skaald Laar settled into the specially constructed chair Cain had provided for him with a grunt of relief.

Cain emerged from the seclusion he had entered after speaking with the Skaald Laar, and called for Colonel Dantes.

Most Giants kept their home quarters heated to exactly twelve degrees Centigrade, the Skaald Laar among them.

Though Laar was often too busy to spend much of a day with Rushada, he made a point to eat with her whenever possible.

The third dot shone blue, the place where Laar Janter kept the Ring of Light.

His son Aline was there, in charge, and Laar was almost certain that Aline would do what Laar, in his place, would have done.

A great peace swept through Laar Janter, a calm willingness to meet whatever fate the universe had in store for him, and then the ceiling fell on him.

Orion took the slipship forward and brought it to a gentle landing thirty meters from the building in which the Skaald Laar supposedly kept the Ring.

The Worker to whom the man was speaking must have left, for the Worker standing above Laar did not speak to him again.

Though he had chosen a point as far from Laar as possible, Orion could see bubbles in the water as it began to boil at the point where the beam lay beneath the water.

With a single convulsive movement, with the hand holding the Ring, the Giant Laar pushed himself back up above the surface of the water, drawing air in a huge gasp.

She was still shaking with reaction when she reached the town of Laar as the waxing gibbous moon rose behind her.

Given what that ass Nalin accused Laar of, that area of Aloorn is almost bound to be searched.

But a few survive as living fossils in the regions south of my city, in the vast estuaries of the River Laar where the long-necked sea monsters come to bask and breed.