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Answer for the clue "Kin of droops and twerps ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of pill English) vb. Third person singular simple present of ''to pill.''

Usage examples of pills.

Tell Karen not to take any more pills and everything will be all right.

But the strange accent kept explaining dispassionately that the pills were no longer necessary.

He pulled a transparent plastic bag full of little blue pills out of bis right coat pocket.

We had something less than twenty minutes, and I had no idea how long it took the pills to get to work.

They gave the pills time to take general effect, giving us all a good jolt of euphoria, which always comes in handy, and curing our helplessness.

And I had a practically inexhaustible supply of Reality Pills for Halloween, saturnalia, and bar mitzvahs.

We play them heavy all over the country, and then we get the pills into their pizzas.

Of course I had no intention of providing Colonel Knacker with a supply of pills, assuming I was successful in developing an oral form of the sex hormone.

I had succeeded in developing a testosterone formulation I judged would be effective on humans, and I had converted the liquid into pills not much larger than a 325 mg aspirin.

I thought it best to take the pills home, lock myself in the den, and swallow the pill in solitude.

I took the container of ZAP pills home and carefully concealed it behind a stack of journals in the den.

I wanted to become more assertive, but what if, after gulping one or more ZAP pills, I underwent a complete transmutation and became a totally different man?

So I sat in my den, the door locked, and bounced those darrmable white pills on my palm, reflecting they had the potential to utterly change my life.

I left the Conclusions section blank until I had tested the testosterone pills hidden in my study at home.

You hand over a few testosterone pills to us, and the boy walks away unhurt.