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Answer for the clue "Effect of past experience ", 5 letters:

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n. Persisting effect of memory of past events.

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In Greek mythology , Mneme (Μνήμη) was one of the three original ( Boeotian ) muses, along with her sisters Aoide and Melete before Arche and Thelxinoë were identified, increasing the number to five. Later, the Nine Olympian Muses were named. She was the...

Usage examples of mneme.

Not one of the nine muses, but a name from an earlier era, where the muses were thought to be three: Melete of “practicing,” Mneme of “remembering,” and Aoide of .

There's a visceral SF kick in watching Ring heal a young girl with the images, help Masahiko deal with his painful past by applying the fracters La Serenissima (blissful calm) and Mneme (memory) as they speak, and battle a pack of robodogs with the Keter fracter ("the Void, Annihilation") that's tattooed on his left palm.