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Answer for the clue "Encourages a crime", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word abets


More than encourages

Aids and _____

Eggs on

Supports a scheme

Looks out for, maybe

Gives a yegg a hand

Helps in dirty deeds

Helps, as a 26-Across

Helps as a lookout, say



Helps in a heist

Drives a getaway car for, e.g.

Aids in crime

Conspires with

Shills for, e.g.

Helps with a con job?

Is a wheelman for

Helps with a heist

Helps with the getaway car, perhaps

Watches for, perhaps

Supports, in a way

Plans a getaway for, maybe

Cases the joint for, say

Helps in crime

Conspires with, perhaps

Is an accomplice to

Looks out for, at a heist

Provides tools for, as a crime

Aids and ___

Partner of aids

Is an accessory for

Sticks up for, maybe?


Assists at a heist

Drives a getaway car, maybe

Helps in a bad way

Assists, in a way

Backs, as a front

Provides a hideaway for, maybe

Looks out for?

The pack in a six-pack


Encourages a scoundrel

Helps in a bank heist, say

Gives a leg up to a yegg

Helps a thief

Primes and crimes


Helps do wrong

Helps a hijacker

Encourages when one shouldn't

Does lookout at a heist

Helps a hood

Aids in an illegality

Aids an arsonist

Criminally assists

Encourages an evildoer

Helps a yegg

Encourages a thief

Gives a yegg a leg up


Is a party to

Aids a felon




Assists a felon

Fosters a felony

Colludes, in a way

Sanctions wrongdoing

Encourages a felon

Acts the accomplice

Helps along

Is supportive

Helps a bandit

Is an accessory

Primes for crimes

Is in cahoots

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vb. (en-third-person singular of: abet )