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Answer for the clue "Ghost, old style", 4 letters:

Word definitions for hant in dictionaries

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contraction (eye dialect of hadn't hadn’t English)

Usage examples of hant.

The Governor turned his back and reentered the hant on its completed side, without saying another word.

Then, lunged back toward his hant, scattering humans and Jao alike from his path.

And why do Rival got to stand in there like a shaky hant just a-pantin over ever word I say, and me knowin hit, and Shad gittin all mean, and me feelin like a ma to him and wantin to mama him, but got to be a wife to Rival and stand by him and do what he says because he’s the man of the family and hit’s his job to do to support us, and the pore old fella all saddled with debt at Sutt’s, and the land all fallow and not fit for raisin nothin except rocks?