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Answer for the clue "British cultural inst. ", 3 letters:

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RAA or Raa may refer to several things:

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init. Royal Automobile Association (Australian Automobile Association)

Usage examples of raa.

Actually, Lando was concerned about his little mechanical friend, and not just because Vuffi Raa was such a terrific pilot droid.

Poor Vuffi Raa had gotten badly dented by an assassin in the employ of the sorcerer at their last port of call.

What it meant for them and the Falcon was a sudden drop to below light-speed while Vuffi Raa recalibrated the engines.

He trusted Vuffi Raa to handle things in general, but hated to put his life in anybody hands but his own.

By the time he was finished, Lando and Vuffi Raa had a much better idea of what they had encountered in that odd, empty region of interstellar space.

They'd ferreted out the truth about the strange being upon first spotting him, noticing an ability Lando and Vuffi Raa had missed: not only to soar through space in a linear fashion, but to “skip” vast distances when it suited him, as hyperdrive starships do.

Vuffi Raa had cheated around them the first hour they'd been installed.

In a moment, clinging to the hull, they had it open and delivered of a small canister that Vuffi Raa held out.

Vuffi Raa, using the ship's sensors, informed the gambler that there wasn't a valuable stone in the known galaxy that wasn't represented in huge quantities in the walls of the Cave.

Vuffi Raa and Lando needed every fractional advantage if they weren't going to sell their lives cheaply.

Vuffi Raa took a certain pride in the fact that he was a highly valuable machine, more so, strictly speaking, than the starship he was servicing.

And even if I could- - well, Vuffi Raa can 'hear' radio signals, but the military uses codes that are intended to preclude eavesdropping.

As I explained to Vuffi Raa, this blockade's bound to have some opposition.

In the first place, from what Vuffi Raa has told me of weaponry, bombs aren't all that simple.

They were probably confirming that this was, indeed, the Millennium Falcon, Vuffi Raa, a.