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Kas is a brand of soft drink produced by PepsiCo. Kas , Kaš , or KAS may also refer to:

Usage examples of kas.

Having never met the woman, Kas was interested, but she was also starting to wonder if she should bring up Ben.

Kasidy hurried outside, Kas pulling a shawl around herself as they stood on the back patio, overlooking a rolling field of brush and wild kava, pale and multishadowed in the soft glow of the moons.

Judith and Keiko were calling out, now, cries of shock and anger and fear, as Kas closed her eyes, praying with all her heart that they were being taken hostage.

They seemed to feel just as helpless, moving anxiously to hold her hand when they could, to get Opaka the few things she asked for, to tell Kas to breathe, breathe.

Except for the former kai, Kas seemed to be handling things better than any of them, her breathing measured and steady, her concentration intense.

The menu that morning included fried kas cakes, molo fruit, and half a protein bar each.

It consisted of a pot of scalding tea, three kas crackers, and six mola berries.

Paa found the thought comforting, and continued to relish it as he popped a kas ball into his mouth, and darkness claimed Lone Tree Hill.

Even she should have known better at her age the old fool still mumbled about democracy and was known to provide kas to the hill bandits.

There was a family harvesting kas, a boatman pulling his craft up through some rapids, a village perched on a hill and three more.

Yao Che laughed, raised their glasses, and took a sip of well-chilled kas wine.

Mys would fall by early afternoon, and that their troops would feast on the food stored in the city, the Imperial officers had sent their soldiers into battle with no more than a single canteen full of water, four cold kas balls apiece, and a hundred rounds of ammunition.

But some of the workers, a group totaling nearly a hundred, and sprinkled through the crowd like spice on kas, were not what they appeared to be.

Finally I came to guess, and then to know for a certainty that I lay face-down across the back of a burden kas, bound there, and jolted painfully by every heavy-footed step the beast took.

I was forcibly dismounted from the kas by the easy method of cutting my bonds and allowing me to fall to a very hard pavement.