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Ațel is a commune in Sibiu County , Romania . It is composed of two villages, Ațel and Dupuș ( Tobsdorf ; Táblás ). The commune first appears in written history in 1283 as villa Echelini . Later appearances in written documents are villa Heclini (1289),...

Usage examples of atel.

I haven't been making myself easy to deal with lately, obsessing over one goddess after another, generally being an ass.

We arrive, we take a tour up the Star Scraper -- you know, that big observation tower in the center of C'atel City?

Tourists who like wet weather would show up, and after about two weeks they'd be happy, mind-numbed C'atel citizens.

This would be terrific if C'atel had any sort of industrial platform, but the citizens couldn't be persuaded to do physical labor even if you stuck them with an electric cattle prod.

Somewhere along the line, people would actually have to memorize lines and work, which C'atel will have no truck with.

Bruiser then convinced him that it was a good idea to fly all the way to planet C'atel for the vacation and hit a concert.

I've been calling every single BEEPing law enforcement group near planet C'atel, and nobody is responding.

They spend the next fifteen years of their lives making paisley license plates in C'atel Prison.

Evenly divided, this comes to approximately eight hours in jail for each one.

Wallingford Enterprises, which were immediately pushed into research for some of his more evil activities.

Unfortunately, he had pinned it TO my chest, not my shirt as is normally expected, but the nipple injury healed later and the night's events remained undisturbed.

Fortunately, commercials are limited to thirty seconds, with at the most ten reptitions, so no harm can be done.

Three immediately dived for cover in case Number Two would simply explode at the accusation.

Fortunately he was higher than upper management and could fire anybody who disagrees that it was the right thing to do.

He hated this job, and dearly wished to return to his homeworld of C'atel, but unfortunately he was sort of a fugitive.