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Answer for the clue "Kind of dye ", 3 letters:

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n. 1 The Indian mulberry or noni (''Morinda citrifolia'', (taxlink Morinda tinctoria species noshow=1)), a shrub found in Southeast Asia, the East Indies and the Pacific islands as far as French Polynesia. 2 A reddish dyestuff obtained from the roots of ...

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The Aal is a river in Baden-Württemberg , Germany .

Usage examples of aal.

Katie playing Betsy Ross and Toolie playing Royal Aal and Deaver finding his way into the family.

Few knew that the Oracle of Aal was the guardian of the Lifestone and resided in a vast chamber below the City of Sethanon.

She is the Oracle of Aal and must be protected from Delekhan or any other menace while she regains her strength.

Bell, “it’s aal tommy-rot since ye didn’t have any knights in armour back when the Priory was built.